Russian forces are retreating to the left bank of Dnieper river, are leaving Kherson


(Screenshot on November 8)

On November 9, 2022, Sergey Surovikin, the military commander of the special military operation for liberation of Donbass, demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine, reports publicly to Sergey Shoigu, Russian defense minister

[…] Kherson cannot be fully supplied and function. Russia did everything possible to ensure the evacuation of the inhabitants. Kiev strikes at the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station and creates a threat of flooding of vast territories. The most expedient option is to organize defense along the barrier line of the Dnieper River. It is proposed to take up defense along the left bank. Keeping a grouping of troops on the right bank is futile […]

Shoigu orders the withdrawal.

  • The background

The Russian forces seized Kherson on March 2, 2022, six days after the beginning of the special military operation. With Zaporojie nuclear power plant (ZNPP) on March 4, in Energodar, their gains were extending on the largest part of Kherson and Zaporojie regions

Kherson on May 20 (Andrey Borodulin / AFP)

The military success was politically sealed on September 27, when the inhabitants of Donbass (Donetsk and Lugansk), Kherson and Zaporojie have approved with a large majority their return to the Russian Federation

In the Kremlin on September 30 (Screenshot)

Its general mobilization was still providing Ukraine with a large numerical superiority, about 3/1, over Russian professional troops and People’s Militias from Donbass. The counterattacks toward Kherson began on August 30, at the price of severe casualties, more than 9,500 killed and wounded by November 9, according to Surovikin, with no significant gains

Situation map from Kherson to upstream on November 9 (RYBAR)

The Russian weakness there appears on a map, the supply lines are crossing the river. Almost daily, the Ukrainian artillery has shelled and damaged Antonovka bridge, the main one, a dozen km upstream of the city center. Since the beginning of the partial mobilization in Russia, on September 20, the balance of forces is no more an issue. But on the right bank of Dnieper river, the logistical problem would worsen in proportion of reinforcements.

Moreover, the Ukrainian artillery has also shelled Novaya Kakhovka and nearby, the hydroelectric power plant, about 75 km upstream Kherson. A breach of the dam would cause a catastrophic flooding. Besides the humanitarian issue, the right bank of the river would be a trap for the Russian forces

False flag war crimes in Bucha, the shelling of the railway station in Kramatorsk, the shelling of their own service members, prisoners of war (POWs) in Yelenovka, the threat of a nuclear catastrophe in Energodar, assassination in Moscow, the sabotage of Nord Stream pipelines, vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) on Crimea bridge, usual deliberate shelling of civilians… etc, the special operations of the Nazi deep State, the Ukrainian formal authorities and their NATO sponsors, have shown that they would be able to destroy Kakhovka dam.

Due to indiscriminate shelling of Kherson, Russia has directed on October 18 the evacuation of the civilians from right to left banks of the river. The decision appears now as a preparation of the military retreat, because Ukrainian death squads are also slaughtering the suspected pro-Russia collaborators

(Screenshot from a Ukrainian video on October 9)

Tragic combination of circumstances, Kirill Stremousov dies in a car accident on November 9. He was deputy head of the military-civilian administration of Kherson

Kirill Stremousov on November 8 (Screenshot)

The same day, the spokeswoman of the Russian foreign affairs, Maria Zakharova states

we remain open to negotiations. We never gave up on them. We are ready to conduct them, of course, taking into account the realities that are developing at the moment

Maria Zakharova on November 9 (Screenshot)

Curator of Wagner PMC, Yevgeny Prigozhin states later in the evening

the decision to withdraw troops from the right bank of the Dnieper is not an easy one, but it speaks of the readiness of the command to take responsibility for the lives of soldiers. The withdrawal of troops with minimal losses is Surovikin’s achievement, which does not do honor to Russian weapons, but emphasizes the personal qualities of the commander, who acted like a man who is not afraid of responsibility

Businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin is second from left on September 24, 2022 (Konstantin Zavrikov)
  • November 10, 2022

On the right bank of Dnieper river, the Ukrainian forces are not confronting the enemy. They are waiting for the Russian withdrawal before occupying the ground. Here are screenshots from a Ukrainian amateur video, a column of regulars -yellow armbands- and a brand new flag -I have never seen it before. An eagle is grasping the Schwarze Sonne, a legacy of Heinrich Himmler (1900-1945) and a Nazi symbol

Like before in the north, during the retreat to Oskol river, the Russian artillery is hammering the Ukrainians, in order to cover the retreat


Slavish through atavism, French propaganda newspaper Le Monde quotes with complacency an adviser to Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Mykhailo Podolyak, who has written on Twitter

RF wants to turn Kherson into a “city of death”. Ru-military mines everything they can : apartments, sewers. Artillery on the left bank plans to turn the city into ruins. This is what “Russian world” looks like: came, robbed, celebrated, killed “witnesses”, left ruins and left

I do not believe these words more than all the previous Ukrainian lies that such Western media have already broadcast, but these fears are actually painful memories for the Ukrainian nationalists. When the Nazi army seized Kiev in September 1941, after 45 days of Soviet resistance, hundreds Germans and Ukrainian auxiliaries died from the explosions of radio-controlled mines that the Soviet engineers had concealed in the city

  • November 11, 2022

After their safe retreat to the left bank of Dnieper river, the Russian forces blow up Antonovka bridge in the early morning


Maxar Technologies publishes later satellite photos, which are showing that other bridges have been disabled on Dnieper river, the railway near Antonovka (top) and at Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant (bottom)

In the afternoon, 48 hours after the official beginning of the Russian withdrawal, some Ukrainian military elements enter Kherson, where they find a handful of supporters, carry out a photo shoot, like in every single hamlet on the right bank of the river

(Ukrainian social networks)

The Russian defense ministry states that the artillery on the left bank has started targeting enemy concentrations on the other one, that more than 30,000 men have crossed the river. Here is in the evening the situation on the whole front, after the withdrawal from Kherson. Dark blue is signaling the areas that Russia should still gain, in order to complete the liberation of Kherson, Zaporojie and Donetsk regions

  • November 12, 2022

As expected, the chase of pro-Russia civilians, alleged collaborators, has begun on the right bank of Dnieper river, Kherson and vicinity. Most Western politicians and media are whitewashing them, why would the Ukrainian Nazis hide their crimes ? I have worked a long time on homicide cases, I know the psychology of criminals

(Screenshot from a Ukrainian amateur video on social networks)

How has collaborated the victim ? That 53-year-old man is carrying an old Soviet passport, where his nationality is Russian. He may be shot. That soldiery, with yellow armbands, is not even a paramilitary force, but the regular army. These men are operating with the blessing of the US and their European stooges. My dearest wish is that the European petit bourgeois, British, German or French… cries tears of blood this winter. He is deserving that, really.



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