Daily pictures : clarification on Western terrorism over Ukraine

On October 20, at about 11:00 pm local time, the Ukrainian artillery deliberately shells the pontoon ferry pier which is adjacent to damaged Antonovka bridge, a dozen km upstream downtown Kherson, on the right bank of Dnieper river. Four civilians are killed, 13 are injured


On September 27, the inhabitants have approved with a large majority the return of the region to Russia. While the Ukrainian forces are attacking, so far in vain, since late August, the city is now about 20 km southeast of the front line, appear as a major goal of their offensive operations. The Ukrainian artillery is usually shelling civilian infrastructure, even hospitals. On October 19, French channel BFMTV censored one journalist who reported these facts. Due to fighting and shelling, Russia has directed on October 18 the evacuation of civilians from right to left banks of Dnieper river. Since, pontoon ferries are operating around the clock.

Last night, the Ukrainian artillery pointed at the pier 12 US-made highly precise GMLRS rockets, the air defense managed to shoot down most of them, according to the Russian authorities. The pictures of damaged vehicles are showing that the anti-personnel ammunition have dispersed grapeshot. To deliberately target civilians is a war crime. Ukraine is usually shelling civilians who are fleeing to Russia-controlled areas, did it on September 30, in nearby Zaporojie region, where 30 victims were killed and 88 injured, all ages, both genders.

The Western terrorist strategy also assassinated Daria Platonova, a political figure, on August 20 in Moscow, threatened of a nuclear catastrophe in Energodar the same month, sabotaged Nord Stream pipelines on September 26, is slaughtering pro-Russia civilians in Ukraine-controlled areas, is targeting Donbass inhabitants for eight years, which is one of the reasons for the Russian special military operation for demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine

October 20, 2022 (Russian defense ministry)

While the Western economic sanctions are actually wreaking havoc in Europe, Russia has stepped up the strategic strikes against Ukrainian energy facilities, is training 300,000 reservists, who will triple its manpower on the ground and balance the forces. Despite these terrorist operations, I do not see on which front and how NATO could win a war, which has already destroyed the Ukrainian economy, killed between 50,000 and 100,000 Ukrainian service members, is impoverishing the populations of European puppet States.

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