Daily pictures : Ukrainian terrorist massacre in Donetsk

(Vittorio Nicola Rangeloni)

The pictures are horrendous. All victims are civilians, all ages, both genders. Corpses are torn apart. Before 12:45 pm local, time of the first footage from the crime scene, maybe at noon, the Ukrainian artillery has targeted Baku Commissars square, Kuibyshevsky district, Donetsk city. 13 people have already died, more are injured, none is a service member, no troop nor military facility at Baku Commissars square, but a public transport stop, one bank and several stores.

Earlier in the morning, another neighborhood was shelled. The day is not over. The Ukrainian artillery is shelling Donetsk every day. Ukraine is deliberately targeting Russian-speaking separatist civilians for eight years.

Investigators are working on the crime scene. The ammunition are NATO 155 mm shells, maybe nine at Baku Commissars square. Since the first delivery of Western artillery material in April, the guns are US M777s and French CaESArs. These war crimes are terrorism for eight years. And under laws, by providing weapons and ammunition since April, NATO is accomplice.

Western mainstream media are not reporting the terrorist attack. They have neither reported the previous ones for eight years. They have rather attempted to accuse Russia for these shelling. That is how Western mainstream media are spreading fake news and why the Russian special military operation for liberation of Donbass, denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine, is fair.

Among Western journalists, French ones are an especially despicable brood. Coward and servile through atavism, they are currently playing cops. They are currently chasing pro-Putin aliens on social networks. But even as cops, they remain mediocre.

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