Ukrainian terrorism in Moscow

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Alexandr Dugin and his daughter, Daria Platonova, are third and fourth from the left, on August 20, a few hours before the explosion

Around 9:35 pm, on August 20, 2022, an explosion blows up in Moscow suburb the usual car of Alexandr Dugin, that his daughter, Daria Platonova, is driving alone. The 29-year-old woman is killed. Likely the intended target, her father was traveling in another car. On social networks, the Ukrainian nationalists are celebrating the attack. At 12:12 am, time in Paris, 1:12 am in Moscow, Eliot Higgins bullies on Twitter the father of the victim

43-year-old British national Higgins is a blogger and the founder of Bellingcat, the worst example of what the nerds are calling pompously open source intelligence (OSINT). Their analysis do not need to be reliable, they are supporting a political agenda in post-truth Western societies. That work is public and propaganda. Bellingcat is collaborating with atlanticist think tanks and Western intelligence agencies. Higgins and his fellows are morbid russophobic maniacs.

While Ukraine is losing the war on the battlefield, NATO is assessing an asymmetric strategy : threat of a nuclear catastrophe in Energodar, sabotages in Crimea and likely, political assassinations in Russia, which are terrorism.

60-year-old Aleksandr Dugin is a philosopher, was a dissident during the 80s in Soviet Union. In 1993, he co-founded the National Bolshevik Party (NBP), a scholarly mix of far-right and far-left, which opposed later Vladimir Putin -when Dugin had already left in 1998-, was suspected of preparing an armed uprising, was banned in 2007 as an extremist organization. He was the deputy head of the department of sociology of international relations at Moscow State University from 2009 to 2014, was finally not appointed head, while he was denouncing Maidan as a US coup and was calling for a Russian military involvement in Donbass. He has predicted that in Ukraine, the US would fight until the last Ukrainian. Some Ukrainians are fan of Dugin and Kiev democracy is cracking down on them. He is expressing his will to challenge the atlanticist empire, is pleading for eurasianism as a balance. Dugin is on a US sanctions list since 2014.

His daughter Daria was a journalist and an activist, on a US sanctions list since March 2022. She has written that the massacre in Bucha was staged. I am supporting this clear reality, the special purpose formations of the Ukrainian national police have slaughtered collaborationists there, the Ukrainian artillery had previously killed other victims.

On August 21, in a murder case so far, the investigators are still working on the site of the attack. In a criminal investigation, the first 48 hours are decisive, deserve a special attention. Little sleep for the detectives

(Komsomolskaya Pravda)

In the afternoon, the authorities state

it has already been established that an explosive device was planted under the bottom of the car on the driver’s side

The understanding of the bomb will be a major step. Was it automatic, remotely controlled ? In the second hypothesis, the perpetrators would have finally decided themselves or received the order to trigger the explosion, despite Alexander Dugin was not onboard.

Spokeswoman of the Russian defense ministry, Maria Zakharova states

Russian law enforcement agencies are investigating the death of Daria Dugina. If the Ukrainian trace is confirmed – and this version was voiced by the head of the DPR Denis Pushilin, and it must be verified by the competent authorities – then we should talk about the policy of state terrorism implemented by the Kyiv regime. There have been plenty of facts accumulated over the years : from political calls for violence to the leadership and participation of Ukrainian state structures in crimes. We are waiting for the results of the investigation

Funny effect in Ukraine, where August 24 is also the day of independence since 1991. Media report that from August 22 to 26, all employees of the government neighborhood in Kiev have been recommended to work from home. I guess COVID is not the issue. Strikes on decision centers are feared and in the evening, large traffic jams appear at the exits of Kiev.

47-year-old Ilya Ponomarev is a wealthy businessman, whose political identity is winding, between communism, pan-slavism and social democracy, likely ambitious and opportunist. Then member of the State Duma, he opposed in 2014 the annexation of Crimea. He is living in exile between California and Kiev. Ukrainian nationalist, fan of historical Nazi leader Stepan Bandera, former president Petro Poroshenko has granted him the Ukrainian nationality in 2019. About 24 hours after the assassination of Daria Platonova, Ponomarev publishes a statement on his YouTube channel, February Morning, takes credit for the attack, on behalf of a so-called [Russian] national republican army (NRA). He states that Daria was indeed the target

(Screenshot from Ponomarev’s Telegram channel)

As a clue of his intellectual integrity, I notice in his statement that Ponomarev is regarding the Ukrainian war crime in Yelenovka as a Russian attack. With so few scruples, he may be the optimal puppet for NATO and Ukrainian special operations in Russia.

Alexandr Dugin has seen the explosion of the car that Daria was driving, is now hospitalized. The investigators have been allowed to talk to him. He reports that his daughter and himself have recently received many threats from Ukrainian nationalists on social networks.

  • August 22, 2022

I was so eager to read them. While the assassination of Daria Platonova looks so far a terrorist operation, in order to threat common Russians, provoke a strategic reaction from Russia, like strikes on Ukrainian decision centers, in order also to boost a fantasized violent opposition, an operation carried out at the instigation of NATO, with the cultural trace of British SAS, in the same vein as the threat of a nuclear catastrophe in Energodar and the sabotages in Crimea, when Ukraine has already lost the war on the battlefield, an operation that a puppet has already claimed, the wealthy businessman but winding, mediocre and venal politician Ilya Ponomarev (cf. supra), most British journalists, many servile stooges, or racist, nationalist and arrogant British petits bourgeois, are telling their readers that the assassination would be likely a Russian false flag, in order to boost the popular support to the special military operation in Donbass and Ukraine. The assertion is moronic : Ukraine has already lost the war and the popular support to the Russian government is higher than ever. Funny how the same sleuths are usually mocking the conspiracy-theorist-tinfoil-hat

The Times, especially, stresses that the victim was

the daughter of an ultra-nationalist Russian philosopher who backed the invasion of Ukraine […] has advocated an imperialist theory called Eurasianism […] to unite ethnic Russians and reject western, European values

Through experience, I know that among the promoters of the good, the rejection of Western, European values, is an unforgivable crime. The reading of the Western feelings and moods, especially among Britons who are still mourning the loss of the British empire, is a pleasure for fine gourmets. But the interest of such literature is elsewhere. Actually, this article is a new clue, which is indicating the area where the culprits of an assassination should be chased.

In less than 48 hours, the Russian intelligence (FSB) and law enforcement agencies have already achieved an impressive job, have identified the bomber in the case of Daria Platonova assassination.

43-year-old Ukrainian national Natalia Shaban has entered Russia in July, rented an apartment in the victim’s building. She has attended the event where the bomb has been fixed under the victim’s car. After the assassination, she has left for Estonia, a NATO country. Last but not the least, while she is traveling with her 12-year-old daughter, Shaban is a Ukrainian operative within military intelligence (GUR)

(FSB, with the helpful collaboration of RaHDIt hackers)

Here is her card of the Ukrainian national guard, Nazi Azov regiment. Her call sign is Vovk

(FSB, with the helpful collaboration of RaHDIt hackers)

The FSB releases footage of Shaban’s slices of life in Russia, between late July and August. She has used accessories, so pointless for a common tourist, like a set of different license plates, apparently from Donetsk People’s Republic, Kazakhstan and Ukraine


I am watching for six months the Ukrainian PSYOPs and false flag crimes. No surprise, the Ukrainian authorities are denying that new terrorist action, their involvement in the assassination of Daria Platonova. They are denying summarily and do not risk to discuss the facts. No surprise, the US State Department and British media are supporting the Ukrainian deny. The Western communication is story-telling and disinformation.

The office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights believes that those responsible for murder of journalist Daria Dugina should be brought to justice. I agree, extrajudicial denazification should be an ultimate solution, if countries prevent the suspect from appearing before a Russian court.

UN general secretary spokesman Stéphane Dujarric states

the United Nations are calling for an investigation to establish the facts behind the death of Daria Dugina

Fortunately, Russia has not waited for the UN call. As I have written supra, the first 48 hours after the crime are decisive.

Vladimir Putin pays tribute to the victim

A vile, cruel crime cut short life of Daria Dugina, a bright, talented person with a real Russian heart – kind, loving, sympathetic and open. A journalist, scientist, philosopher, war correspondent, she honestly served the people, the Fatherland, she proved by deed what it means to be a patriot of Russia

He has also awarded to her the Order of Courage, for courage and dedication shown in the performance of professional duty

Daria Platonova in Mariupol
  • August 23, 2022

Alexandr Dugin speaks at the funeral of his daughter Daria


Russian people can not be broken, so Daria’s killers will not achieve their goal

According to unconfirmed reports, Natalia Shaban / Vovk may have stayed at the ibis Hauptbahnhof hotel in Vienna, Austria, on the night of August 22-23, after her public identification. This customer is traveling with two other women and a child. If Vovk, her adult companions would be guardians, whose nationalities would be interesting, on the winding path to a final destination, likely not Ukraine, where the Russian intelligence is managing many agents.

So interesting, the Ukrainian communication has adapted. About the Ukrainian suspect, Volodymyr Zelenskyy states

it’s definitely not our responsibility. This is not a citizen of our country, we are not interested in her. And she was not on the territory of Ukraine

The FSB has done a great job and Zelensky knows it. Natalia Shaban / Vovk is burnt and I guess, at least one third country is taking care of her. In default thereof, her own side will kill her. Vovk was born in Mariupol and the president of Ukraine has therefore acknowledged the independence of Donbass.

  • August 24, 2022

Russian news agency RIA Novosti reports that Natalia Shaban / Vovk entered Russia in July with a Kazakh passport under the false identity of Yulia Zayko, born on December 26, 1980

What about the passport ? False or real ? The National Security Committee (KNB), intelligence agency in Kazakhstan, may work sometimes with foreign counterparts, MI6 or CIA.

  • August 25, 2022

Money ! Where did it come from ? Natalia Shaban / Vovk rented in Moscow a 80 meters square apartment, with several bathrooms, for about 100,000 rubles (about 1,700 euros) a month. What a folly for a tourist whose last documented job, thanks to RaHDIt hackers, was until February, phone operator within the Ukrainian national guard.

  • August 26, 2022

Unconfirmed report, a tip

The passport is of course real and Kazakh numbers are real and all issued in December 2021, at the request of MI6 [British foreign intelligence]. KNB [Kazakh intelligence agency] under Masimov was a branch of MI5 [British home intelligence] and MI6 like the SBU [Ukrainian State security agency] is now in Ukraine. We saw the result in the version of the failed coup in Kazakhstan. Of course, it is better not to escalate the situation in Kazakhstan, but all documents are real. The KNB knew to whom and why this passport was issued. Natalia Shaban/Vovk has been a staff member of the UAFs’ Main Intelligence Directorate [GUR, Ukrainian military intelligence] since 2010, the rank of major, military specialty : infiltration and data collection. Since the European Football Championship, she has regularly engaged in sexual relations with the necessary characters for development, constantly traveled to London, Dubai, Warsaw, and the Baltic countries. Rumors had long been circulating through GUR that her daughter’s father was Vasily Burba [GUR head until August 2020, sacked after a failed dirty trick] and it was an obstacle to closer interaction with handlers from MI6 since the start of Russia’s SMO. Apparently, they were given the task of proving their reliability and solvency

The source is public, Marat Bashirov is chairman of the ministers council in Lugansk People’s Republic. I am so surprised and terribly disappointed that Bellingcat has not yet released a report in this case

The motto of the GUR is Sapiens Dominabitur Astris, the wise will rule over the stars, no kidding
  • August 29, 2022

The FSB has identified an accomplice. 43-year-old Ukrainian national Bogdan Tsyganenko was likely the artificer. From Estonia, he came to Russia on July 30, was driving sometimes alone Shaban’s Mini. They went to a rented garage in Moscow, where the bomb was made. He left for Estonia the day before the attack

(Screenshots from Izvestia)

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