Daily pictures : Ukrainian war crime in Yelenovka

(Eva Bartlett)

In the night of July 28-29, 2022, the Ukrainian forces attack once more the detention center in Yelenovka, Russian-speaking separatist Donetsk People’s Republic.

The previous attempt occurred on May 18, while the surrender of the Ukrainian garrison in Azovstal, Mariupol, was ongoing. The center started accommodating the prisoners of war (POWs). The republican and Russian air defense managed to shoot down the Ukrainian Tochka missiles.

Now, Ukraine use US made HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems, some GMLRS reach their target, 53 Ukrainian inmates are killed, 71 are injured. The assassination of prisoners is a war crime, even when the victims are the fellows of the killers.

No single clue suggests that the massacre could be a Russian false flag, but the material evidences prove a Ukrainian attack. Characteristic debris of the US made rockets are found on the crime scene. Russia invites the United Nations and Red Cross to investigate the case on the site

(Eva Bartlett)

The GPS guided rockets have been highly precise. Within the large detention center, one particular building has been hit


The republican and Russian forces have taken about 4,000 prisoners in Mariupol. According to the latest public news, maybe 1,000 prominent ones are detained in Russia. Yelenovka may have accommodated therefore 3,000 inmates. No objective reason appears right off for a Russian false flag which would have killed or injured 124 prisoners (4%), who were cared and feed for two months.

The Ukrainian authorities are denying the crime and as usual, their European stooges, like Josep Borrell, are broadcasting their propaganda

Then, if they do not take credit, what could be the motive for such a targeted assassination ? While NATO is probably commanding in Ukraine the batteries of US made multiple launch rocket systems.

My belief is that the goal of the operation was to wipe out some witnesses of two already ascertained or probable facts, by ascending order of sensitivity

  • the crimes that Ukrainian members of Nazi Azov regiment have committed in Mariupol, ascertained,
  • the presence alongside the Ukrainian garrison of Western operatives, probable.

Moreover, a letter on June 2, that Ukrainian foreign affairs minister Dmitro Kuleba has sent to his European counterpart, Josep Borrell, a demand of censorship, has shown how these issues are sensitive for the Western democratic civilization

(Mash, a Russian media)

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