Ukrainian false flag war crimes

Facts are not the friends of Ukraine and its allies

Scott Ritter, April 4, 2022

As guest star, the German president of the European commission, Ursula von der Leyen, appears on stage in Bucha on April 8, 2022

The Western narrative, politicians and mainstream media, are telling the opposite, but actually, Ukraine has a Nazi problem, a big one. The virus has especially spread within the armed forces, since the rightist coup in February 2014. Nazi paramilitaries have been legalized in volunteer battalions. Nazism has infected the State security agency (SBU) and the regular army. They are viewing the separatist militants and more broadly, all their Russian-speaking neighbors, as Untermenschen.

They are deliberately killing civilians, that is war crime. They are shelling Donbass for more than eight years, that is terrorism. Since the beginning on February 24, 2022, of the Russian special military operation, they are assassinating civilians suspected of collaborationism, that is for example the consumption of Russian food rations. The Western support is galvanizing them and sometimes, they do not even hide their crimes.

As the Western narrative is parroting their propaganda, the casual psychological operations (PSYOPs) are involving accusing the Russians of these war crimes, which become false flags.

On March 30, the Russian forces have retreated from the northern suburb of Kiev, on the right bank of Dnieper river. The Ukrainians have filled the gap the day after and special units of the National Police are clearing the liberated areas of Russia accomplices.

Two days after the liberation, the Ukrainian authorities claim to have found out mass graves in Bucha. Actually, the journalists report scores of corpses in the streets and the mass graves are where the Ukrainians are burying the victims. Ukraine, Western politicians and media are accusing Russia of atrocities

Some corpses are already decayed, others are carrying Russian food rations or wearing white armbands, which are the usual identification mark of Russian troops. The Ukrainians should identify each victim, date and map each corps, ascertain the causes of each death, but they are not conducting serious investigation.

French forensic investigators arrive on April 11, examine corpses that the Ukrainian authorities submit as victims of the Russian atrocities. But against all expectations, they prove that Ukrainian shelling have killed these victims, before the Russian retreat.

The Atlanticist forces are occupying Kramatork, on the territory of Donetsk People’s Republic. The city is still far from the front line. At 10:13 am, local time, the Russian defense ministry states

high-precision missiles air-based missiles in Donetsk region have destroyed weapons and military equipment of the Ukrainian military reserves arriving in Donbass at Pokrovsk, Slavyansk and Barvenkovo railway stations

With modern and highly precise cruise missiles, Russia has achieved strikes in the morning, against Atlanticist reinforcements, at several railway stations in the region. No attack in Kramatorsk, because no troops were coming there. Some civilians should later evacuate the city. The Russian operation has ended, is the subject of a statement.

Half an hour later, a missile falls on Kramatorsk railway station. More than one hundred civilians are killed or injured. Ukraine, Western politicians and media, accuse Russia. But the missile is a ballistic one, moreover, an old Tochka-U, that the Atlanticist forces are using, not Russia

(Social networks)

The president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, is scheduled in Kiev the same day, will visit Bucha.

In the night, rockets hit the pretrial detention center in Yelenovka, Donetsk People’s Republic, which is accommodating some of the 4,000 Atlanticist prisoners of war (POWs) whom the Russian forces have taken during the siege of Mariupol, from March 11 to May 20. 53 inmates are killed, 71 are injured

Ukrainian POWs in Azovstal, Mariupol, on May 20, 2022 (Komsomolskaya Pravda)

Ukraine, Western politicians and media, accuse Russia. But the investigators find on the site the debris of US made GMLRS (GPS Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System), that nothing but US made HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System) can launch.

Ukrainian members of Nazi Azov regiment are the core of the POWs from Mariupol. They are high value subjects for prisoners swaps and also witnesses, may testify about their own war crimes and the likely presence of Western operatives within the defeated garrison of Mariupol.

The defeat and prisoners make nervous the Ukrainian authorities. On June 2, Ukraine foreign affairs minister Dmitro Kuleba, wrote to Josep Borrell, his counterpart in the European Union, demanded the censorship of the European media about these unpleasant subjects

Atlanticist authorities are preferring dead heroes to alive Nazi prisoners.


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  1. […] While Russia is equipped with modern Iskander ballistic missile, Tochka dates back to 1976, is a Soviet era weapon, that the Atlanticist forces will have also use on April 8, 2022, in a false flag war crime against civilians in Kramatorsk. […]

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