The Ukrainian terrorism in Donetsk


A NATO 155 mm shell kills 10-year-old Veronica on July 5, 2022 (screenshot from an amateur video)

The Ukrainian forces are amplifying once more their shelling of Donetsk city, the capital of the eponymous People’s Republic within Russian federation. On December 6, 2022, one of the targets is the central shopping mall. At noon, 6 civilians have already been killed in the city that day. 29-year-old Maria Pirogova, a singer and member of the local parliament, is among them

For about a week, the projectiles are 122 mm rockets from Grad mobile launchers. No more howitzers at range ? Destroyed or relocated to other parts of the front ? Surface to air missiles (SAMs) could intercept these rockets and that may be a tactic to lure more air defense in the vicinity of the city. The last amplification of the shelling may be also a local and tactical component of a provocative strategy, in order to exacerbate the conflict and trigger the direct involvement of NATO. In that context, the fall of a Ukrainian SAM in Poland on November 15 was highly suspicious.

In a foolish and crooked political move on November 23, the European Parliament accused Russia of terrorism. The misleading arguments were Ukrainian false flag war crimes like the slaughter in Bucha late March/early April and since October 10, the Russian strategic strikes. As retaliation for the vehicle-born explosive device (VBIED) attack that the Ukrainian military intelligence (GUR) has carried out on October 8 against Crimea bridge. Russian cruise missiles and drones are indeed targeting command centers, communication centers, power plants and other energy facilities, except nuclear ones, all over Ukraine. The goal is also to deplete some Ukrainian military capacities, like movement of troops and materials, but the Russians are taking special care not to directly harm civilians. Unlike Ukraine, which for more than 8 years, is conducting the deliberate terrorist shelling all over Donbass, especially Donetsk, of residential areas, where no troops are stationed, no military value facilities are set. In the heroic city, the Alley of Angels is a memorial dedicated to dozens children whom the Ukrainian shelling have slaughtered since 2014

(Denis Grigoryuk)

These actions are the expression of an ideology. Lviv is in western Ukraine the epicenter of a Nazi legacy since WW2. Late 2013, an economical dispute with the European Union led to a pro-Europe uprising against the legal government, in the west and Kiev. With the help of Nazi political organizations from Lviv and likely, foreign provocative gunmen, NATO achieved a rightist coup in February 2014. Later, Russian-speaking residents of Crimea and Donbass have risen up against the Russophobia of the new authorities, which called them terrorists, cracked down on them with the loyal members of the armed forces and the same Nazi militants, legalized meanwhile as paramilitary formations

Lugansk, June 2, 2014 (Screenshots)

For the first time, on May 26, 2014, the Ukrainian forces shelled Donetsk airport. On June 2, air strikes targeted Lugansk, where 8 civilians were killed and 28 injured. In this civil war, NATO member countries are offering since its outbreak their military support to Ukraine.

Terrorism is a modus operandi which is seeking the achievement of a common political goal, through the terror sowed among victims. Carl von Clausewitz would have probably written that terrorism is war against civilians. When jihadists attacked in Paris on November 13, 2015, they were terrorists. When they defended Raqqa against Syrian Marxist Kurds, their action was military. Funny how the Turkish authorities are regarding the Kurdish fighters, in Turkey or Syria, as terrorists. When jihadists blow up in the Sahel a French armored car, their action is also military. Funny how States, in anti-terror posture, are often attacking civilians. A bad habit is to declare terrorist a whole organization. Its drift is to declare terrorist every non State military formation, whatever its modus operandi. In our instance, obviously, the people of Donbass and its military forces were no way terrorists. Terrorism is not exactly the projection of feelings and moods of Western petits bourgeois.

The Western support has galvanized the Ukrainian government, which did not seriously negotiate, had not implemented Minsk peace agreements, when on Feburary 24, 2022, Russia has started a special military operation, for liberation of Donbass, demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine. A ceasefire could have been brokered in the following weeks, but NATO, especially US and UK have prevented it. A proxy war has begun and in April, the shipments of US M777s. The first French CAESAR (camion équipé d’un système d’artillerie) arrived late May. These long range 155 mm howitzers have enabled Ukraine to carry on with the terrorist shelling of Donetsk, despite the Russian counter-battery

On May 28, the CAESAR is the subject of a Ukrainian official pictures set

Thanks to Telegram, I have started remotely monitoring the terrorist aspects of the conflict. The needy Western media have carried out a vile disinformation. Many examples are splendid, as if readers were morons. On September 4, French daily newspaper Le Parisien titled War in Ukraine: Kiev wants the Russian invasion to be recognized as a ‘genocide’. The picture was tragic, appeared like a clue that the Russian invasion would be indeed a genocide

The bug was that Alexander Ermochenko had taken that photo on September 2, in Donetsk, was showing a civilian victim of a Ukrainian shelling. And such terrorist shelling since 2014 are one of the reasons for the Russian special military operation

Here are some of the most horrific shelling since February 24

  • March 14, 2022

The air defense manages to shoot down a Ukrainian Tochka ballistic missile, which was aimed at Donetsk city. The fall of the debris is enough to kill 23 civilians. Height of ignominy 3 days later, when Italian daily newspaper La Stampa will dare publish a cruel photo on its front page and pretend that it will show the result of a Russian strike in Kiev

  • July 6, 2022

On Donetsk People’s Republic square, Moscow, in front of the US embassy, people pay tribute to Veronica, whom a M777 howitzer has killed in Donetsk the day before. Six more civilians, including four children, are slaughtered that day

Donbass, we are with you
  • July 30, 2022

In the night for the first time, the Ukrainian artillery scatter PFM-1 Lepestok (petal) anti-personnel land mines across residential neighborhoods of downtown Donetsk. Launched from Uragan Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS), 220 mm rockets are their carriers. The authorities urge the citizens to stay at home, while engineers and even tanks are clearing the streets


The Lepestok was produced from the 70s to the 90s, the Soviet army used it in Afghanistan. The 40 g of liquid explosive are not enough to kill, the goal is to maim. According to the Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-Personnel Mines and on their Destruction, in 1997, such anti-personnel mines are forbidden within the countries which have ratified it. In theory, Ukraine is one.

PFMs in Donetsk on July 31, 2022 (Sputnik)
  • August 4, 2022

A man finds the corpses of his wife, his granddaughter and her dance professor. Katya will be remembered in the Alley of Angels. 8 civilians died that day. The Ukrainian artillery has targeted in the morning the funeral of Olga Kachura, colonel within Donetsk people’s militia, fallen the day before on the front line

A debris of NATO 155 mm shell (social networks)
  • September 19, 2022

The pictures are horrendous. All victims are civilians, all ages, both genders. Corpses are torn apart. Before 12:45 pm local, time of the first footage from the crime scene, maybe at noon, the Ukrainian artillery has targeted Baku Commissars square, Kuibyshevsky district, Donetsk city. 13 people have already died, more are injured, none is a service member, no troop nor military facility at Baku Commissars square, but a public transport stop, one bank and several stores. Investigators are working on the crime scene. The ammunition are NATO 155 mm shells, maybe nine

(Vittorio Nicola Rangeloni)
  • December 18, 2022

Volodymyr Zelenskyy wanted to speak via video for peace, before the start of the final match at the football world cup in Qatar, but his demand was rejected. No peace in Donetsk city, where US independent journalist Patrick Lancaster is reporting from the sites of the daily Atlanticist shelling : homes, shops, the university

Patrick Lancaster (screenshot)

In the evening ten 155 mm shells hit Kalinin hospital, its neurosurgery department. At least one victim dies there

RIA Novosti (screenshots)

The day after, the Russian foreign ministry will officially stress that the Atlanticist weapons are in this case Swedish howitzers. Sweden has delivered 155 mm self propelled howitzers to Ukraine, some highly precise Archers, maybe 12 since late October.

  • February 27, 2023

Shameless, Ukrainian nationalist channels on social networks are sharing videos which are showing that the Atlanticist forces are even using drones, in order to drop grenades on civilians in Donetsk


That is pure terrorism, funny, I guess, for the operators and their fans.

  • April 28, 2023
(Andrey Rudenko)

The usual Atlanticist shelling, in Donetsk city, of civilian areas where no troops are stationed, no military value target is settled, have begun in the morning. The munitions are today West made JROF-M 122 mm rockets. Projectiles have hit a hospital where 10 victims are injured. The MRI room is destroyed. In another neighborhood, a civilian bus has been set ablaze while it was carrying passengers. Nine people, including one eight-year-old girl and her grandmother in the bus, are already dead. As usual for nine years, Ukrainian propaganda media are addressing their Western counterparts, are lying, are claiming that the shelling are Russian. But in the afternoon, the official channel on Telegram of Ukraine State border guards shares a video which is showing the launch as retaliation of 80 mm rockets


For Uman, the soldier is writing on the rockets. Last night, Russia has conducted a wave of strategic strikes against military targets all over Ukraine. An explosion has ravaged a residential building in Uman, 560 km west of Donetsk. Like previous confirmed failures, several times before, the projectile was certainly a Ukrainian air defense missile. Russia is using highly precise cruise missiles, that Ukraine is attempting to shoot down, is never targeting civilians.

Ukraine is deliberately shelling civilians in Donetsk for eight years, eleven months and two days.


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