The fashionable death

Since the beginning on February 24, 2022, of the Russian special military operation, in the light of an inescapable Ukrainian defeat, the 8-year-long war between Donbass and Ukraine is becoming more like a chock of civilizations, while tens thousand slices of cannon fodder have already been sacrificed for a corrupt and decadent West

Portrait of bravery

Annie Leibovitz is a photographer from New York. On July 26, she publishes her shots and writes on Twitter

First Lady Olena Zelenska and President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Kyiv, Ukraine, July 2022 / For @voguemagazine To Be Featured In Vogue Magazine, October 2022

Since the first air alerts in Kiev, the First Lady is killing time on French Riviera. In July, before or after a PR trip to the White House, Washington DC, she has found the time to pose in Antonov airport, northwestern suburb of Kiev, that Russian airborne troops have seized on February 24, before their retreat late March

(Screenshot from a Russian video)

To the US fashion and lifestyle magazine, Olena Zelenska testifies to her bravery. Her husband, president Volodymyr Zelenskyy is involved in the narcissistic PR operation, which should also increase the benefits of Vogue


Zelenskyy has been elected on May 20, 2019, on the promise of peace in Donbass, southeastern Ukraine. But quickly, the fascist deep State has taught him what should be his policy if he loved life, according to former and famous US intelligence officer Scott Ritter. The president did not disarm the Nazi militias like Azov regiment, did not implement Minsk agreements and the Ukrainian forces are carrying on with the deliberate shelling of residential areas in separatist Russian-speaking Donbass. Zelenskyy is indeed enjoying life and according to the rumor, has earned several hundred million dollars in three years. Maybe also the price for his obedience and since the beginning of the special military operation for the liberation of Donbass, demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine, the US and UK are prohibiting him from new negotiations with Russia.

The Russian strategy and tactics are implacable, the war is a carnage. I guess that at least ten Ukrainian service members have been killed for each Russian. In July, an official of the Ukrainian defense ministry was hoping that the fatalities were below 100,000. Ukraine needs fresh cannon fodder. In clubs, on beaches, in the streets, the military police is chasing recalcitrant men, who are not eager to reach the butchery. However, the Ukrainian society seems elitist and the conscription is not egalitarian, is rather affecting the Lumpenproletarians. Petro Poroshenko is a nationalist politician and the former president of Ukraine. Late June, a Ukrainian TV channel spotted him in a restaurant in London. As many others, I was very surprised and terribly disappointed but his 21-year-old son, Mikhail, was there, not in the trenches in Donbass


Laurence Haïm is a journalist for private TV channel LCI and a supporter of French president Emmanuel Macron. Mikhail Poroshenko may laugh. Haïm has no ambition to perform her morning bathing in the Dnieper river, nor children, but on July 25, she has publicly regretted that most French are not ready that their children die for Ukraine. Coquine

Laurence Haïm (Joel Saget / AFP)

Now the main course : on April 10, 2022, the Ukrainian edition of Vogue has published an article titled Who is Bandera : 3 books about the legendary Ukrainian

“Stepan Bandera – a hero or a traitor?” “What wrong did Bandera do?” “What made Bandera famous?” These are just a few of the Google queries dedicated to Stepan Bandera. In recent months, the leader of the Ukrainian nationalist movement has become, without a doubt, one of the most popular Ukrainians in the world, facts about whom are now being searched on the Internet by both Ukrainians and not only… Well, objective answers to the question of who Bandera really was, it is not easy to find what values ​​he professed and what he really wanted for Ukraine – but you can try to look for it in books. We have collected the most interesting fact […]


Stepan Bandera (Vogue)

Beware, the first question, hero or traitor, is a trap. Traitor against what ? Stepan Bandera (1909-1959), national hero of Zelenskyy’s Ukraine, was indeed a Ukrainian nationalist, was born in Galicia, as a subject of the Austro-Hungarian empire, which was dismembered at the end of WW1. When he started his terrorist activity in the 1930s, Bandera was a citizen of Poland and one of his first victims was the Polish interior minister. He has never betrayed anything, the problem with Bandera is that he was a Nazi.

He was leading in eastern Poland the radical faction of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), a partnership with Abwehr (German military intelligence) and Gestapo, against Poland and Soviet Union. He was jailed since the assassination of the Polish interior minister, when began the invasion of Soviet Union, the German army freed him

On July 20, 1941, Ukrainian women welcome German troops in eastern Poland, nowadays western Ukraine : wir begruessen die Deutsche Wehrmacht als Befreier vom Bolschewismus, heil Hitler (Wehrmacht Propagandakompanien, for Vogue-like German magazines)

In order to please the Nazi authorities, the Ukrainian nationalists slaughtered thousands Jewish civilians in Lemberg and vicinity, nowadays Lviv

A Jewish victim in Lviv in July 1941

Bandera also pled with Adolf Hitler for an independent fascist Ukraine, ally of Nazi Germany, that he declared unilaterally in the occupied territories. The German authorities had enjoyed the slaughters of Jews but disagreed on the independent stuff, arrested him temporarily in July.

When they finally understood that Germany would not grant them an independent State, Bandera’s nationalists formed their military branch, the Ukrainian Insurgents Army (UPA). Did they confront the German forces ? No, they slaughtered tens thousand Polish civilians between 1942 and 1945.

After the war, Bandera sought shelter in West Germany, where the US intelligence and Nazi underground groups were protecting him. However, the KGB managed to denazify him in Munich in 1959. That is the legacy of the Ukrainian nationalism. Another trap would be to establish equivalence between Nazism and antisemitism. In post Maidan Ukraine, Russian-speaking people have replaced Jews or Poles as Untermenschen

From left to right : 2. SS-Panzerdivision Das Reich (1939-1945), 4. SS-Polizei-Panzergrenadier-Division (1939-1945), 34. SS-Freiwilligen Grenadier-Division Landstorm Nederland (1943-1945) and Azov (2014- ?)

Volodymyr Zelenskyy is a crook and a war criminal. Things have gone too far, the point of no return has been passed. I cannot imagine that he could survive the case. He is embodying a Western society where the so-called elites are feeling nothing but contempt for the people. I guess that he will be offered in sacrifice to decency.

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