Ukrainian attack against Crimea bridge


The GUR, a sword aimed at Russia (official)

Between Taman peninsula and continental Russia, to southeast, Crimea peninsula, to northwest, Kerch bridge is a major Russian line of communication, for military and civilians, which has been completed in June 2020

On October 8, 2022, at about 6:05 am, local time, a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) explodes on the bridge. Unless a remote-controlled vehicle and if the trucker knows that he is sitting on a bomb, the attack is a suicide operation (SVBIED). Several other drivers and passengers are killed. Out of four, two car spans collapse. The blast ablazes fuel tanks on a train. The railway is damaged, will be restored in the evening

(CCTV screenshots)
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Planet Labs and Maxar Technologies publish later satellite photos of the damaged bridge

The West seems reluctant to an official claim of responsibility. Ukrayinska Pravda and the Washington Post cite an anonymous official source and report that the Ukrainian State security agency (SBU) has conducted the attack. Mykhailo Podolyak is adviser to the head of the office of the president. At 9:08 am, local time, he writes on Twitter

Crimea, the bridge, the beginning. Everything illegal must be destroyed, everything stolen must be returned to Ukraine, everything occupied by Russia must be expelled

The Khokols and their Western sponsors are carrying on with their asymmetric strategy. Previous operations were the sabotages of military facilities in Crimea and various terrorist attacks, like the threat of nuclear catastrophe in Energodar, the assassination in Moscow of Daria Platonova and the sabotage of Nord Stream pipelines. Moreover, the Ukrainian secret services are widely targeting civilian personalities in the regions which have chosen Russia, as the British tabloid Daily Mail has even reported

The truck came from Krasnodar, on the continental side of the strait. The alleged truker has been identified, the investigation begins. 52-year-old Mahir Yusubov was the regular one. The detectives have determined that the last step of his travel should have lasted half an hour, but it took 6 hours for the SVBIED to reach the point of explosion


He was not necessarily on board, I mean the driver may have been someone else. His identity should be confirmed, Yusubov may have been shot dead elsewhere.

  • October 9, 2022

According to new information that Russian journalists like Alexander Kots are sharing, Mahir Yusubov was indeed the driver of the VBIED, but was likely not aware that he was sitting on a bomb.

The cargo was 22 pallets, 9 film rolls and one ton each. The explosive was somehow concealed in the rolls. The customer was a Ukrainian citizen. The cargo sailed from Bulgaria to a Georgian port, Poti, where it was loaded in a first truck. Drivers and customer were communicating via WhatsApp. The truck traveled through Armenia, again Georgia, entered Russia. In Armavir, the pallets were reloaded onto another truck, Yusubov’s one.

Zoya and Eduard, from Saint Petersburg, are among the victims of the Ukrainian VBIED attack on Crimea bridge

  • October 12, 2022

The Russian federal security agency (FSB) releases first conclusions. The Ukrainian military intelligence (GUR) has conducted the attack on Crimea bridge. The explosive cargo has been made in Odessa, shipped to Bulgaria early August. The final recipient was a false company in Crimea. 12 participants have been identified, 8 have already been arrested, Russian, Ukrainian, Georgian and Armenian nationals.

  • November 3, 2022

The Russian intelligence has gathered evidences of the British involvement in the attacks against Crimea bridge, on October 8, then Sevastopol harbor, on October 29. British ambassador Deborah Bronnert is summoned to the Russian foreign ministry, where she is presented with these evidences and notified that

such confrontational actions of the English carry a threat of escalation and could lead to unpredictable and dangerous consequences

(Maxim Shipenkov / EPA)

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