History, on this day : one year since the Ukrainian false flag war crime in Bucha

the staging

On March 30, 2022, the Russian forces have retreated from the northern suburb of Kiev, on the right bank of Dnieper river. The Ukrainians have filled the gap the day after and special units of the National Police are clearing the liberated areas of Russia accomplices.

Two days after the liberation, the Ukrainian authorities claim to have found out mass graves in Bucha. Actually, the journalists report scores of corpses in the streets and the mass graves are where the Ukrainians are burying the victims. Ukraine, Western politicians and media are accusing Russia of atrocities.

Some corpses are already decayed, others are carrying Russian food rations or wearing white armbands, which are the usual identification mark of Russian troops. The Ukrainians should identify each victim, date and map each corps, ascertain the causes of each death, but they are not conducting serious investigation.

French forensic investigators arrive on April 11, examine corpses that the Ukrainian authorities submit as victims of the Russian atrocities. But against all expectations, they prove that Ukrainian shelling have killed these victims, before the Russian retreat.


The list of the main Ukrainian false flag war crimes

Ukrainian death squads are slaughtering the civilian collaborators

Bucha narrative is still the backbone of the Western catechism about Ukraine

The Western disinformation about Ukraine

chronicle of censorship, fake news, whitewashing of the Ukrainian Nazism and war crimes, for the sake of the proxy war that NATO is conducting in Ukraine against Russia


One response to “History, on this day : one year since the Ukrainian false flag war crime in Bucha”

  1. Is it true that the Ukrainian authorities have found mass graves in Bucha? If so, why aren’t the authorities conducting a serious investigation?


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