[…] a corrupt, fucked-up society […]

the crude reality of political Ukraine, the hypocrisy of the proxy war that the West is conducting

US Marine Corps colonel Andrew Milburn on December 4, 2014

Reason does not allow to suspect that he could be an agent of the GRU, the Russian military intelligence. I let the exercise to the mainstream tinfoil hats. Andrew Milburn was deputy commander of the Special Operations Command Central (SOCCENT), when he retired in March 2019, after a 31-year military career. Since March 2022, he is chief executive officer within the Mozart Group, a private security company, named in tribute to the Russian enemy, Wagner private military company (PMC). Mozart has been created after the beginning of the Russian special military operation for liberation of Donbass, demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine, in order to deliver critical capabilities to Ukrainian frontline units. In other words, his livelihood is preventing a quick demilitarization of Ukraine. In case of defeat, he would likely find another mission, but I guess that the current salary is good. I do not see how Russia could have applied to him the MISE (Money, Ideology, Sex, Ego) matrix, in order to switch him.

Milburn committed articles like is the Middle East next on Putin’s agenda, what the US can do to prepare, on March 1, 2022, claimed on June 9 that Russians are worse than ISIS, that he had fought in Iraq. I am still waiting for the evidences. Moreover, until the Russian intervention against the jihadists in Syria, late September 2015, the US have used the Caliphate as a leverage against Bashar Assad. Early October 2022, Ukraine was representing the morally just war that eluded him his entire career. He sprinted for cover near Soledar, Ukrainian occupied part of Donetsk People’s Republic, 15 km northeast of Bakhmut, the meat grinder where Wagner PMC is operating

(Jim Huylebroek / The New York Times)

Milburn even met French philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy (BHL) and deserves a new medal for that

(Marc Roussel)

But Milburn is unconventional [The New York Times] and reality is not binary. Early August, he revealed to CBS News how some Western-supplied weapons are disappearing in Ukraine and popping up on the black market. These facts are not feeding the Western narrative and the station has later edited the article, but the professionals know that reality. Some weapons are even popping up among jihadist fighters on the banks of lake Chad. Early December, he revealed to Newsweek that

they’ve been taking extraordinarily high casualties, the numbers you are reading in the media about 70 percent and above casualties being routine are not exaggerated

in the area of Bakhmut, the hotspot of the land battle in Donbass, where the Russian forces are purposely bleeding the Ukrainian cannon fodder. Many unofficial Ukrainian sources on the ground are confirming that companies are quickly reduced to platoon there, before their replenishment with new recruits and then, a new cycle.

For the Team House, their podcast, veterans Jack Murphy and Dave Parke have interviewed Andrew Milburn on November 9

As has stressed later Max Blumenthal, editor for the Gray Zone, the craft bourbon flowed on the podcast, was if needed, a guarantee of authenticity. In vino veritas

After several months there, Milburn is not a big fan of Ukraine, because there are plenty of fucked up people running the country, which is corrupt and a fucked-up society. So is Volodymyr Zelenskyy, I think, who is humbly enforcing the orders from Washington DC or London. The president of Ukraine is not necessarily a Nazi, rather a former professional actor and an opportunist, maybe a crook. He has been elected on May 20, 2019, on the promise of peace in Donbass, but quickly, the leaders of the Ukrainian Nazi organizations have taught him what should be his policy if he loved life, according to former and famous US intelligence officer Scott Ritter. De facto, he did not disarm the Nazi militias like Azov regiment, did not implement Minsk agreements. He is indeed enjoying life and according to the rumor, has earned several hundred million dollars in three years.

Milburn has stressed that some Ukrainian formations are committing all kinds of atrocities against Russian prisoners of war (POWs). Positive, many among us have already watched the videos that the Ukrainians are themselves releasing and that Milburn has talked about. These war criminals are mainly nationalist paramilitaries, Aidar, Azov, Sich… etc Their behavior is a historical legacy. Lviv is in western Ukraine the epicenter of a Nazi legacy since WW2. Late 2013, an economical dispute with the European Union led, in the west and Kiev, to a pro-Europe uprising against the legal government. With the help of Nazi political organizations from Lviv and likely, foreign provocative gunmen, NATO achieved a rightist coup in February 2014. Later, Russian-speaking residents of Crimea and Donbass have risen up against the Russophobia of the new authorities, which called them terrorists, cracked down on them with the loyal members of the armed forces and the same Nazi militants, legalized meanwhile as paramilitary formations. But the worst war crimes are not these episodic atrocities against POWs. The main disgrace is systemic, a strategic choice, the deliberate terrorist shelling, since 2014, of civilians in Donbass.

According to Milburn, that proxy war is not about Ukraine, but for the need to uphold global norms. I know, what many US politicians are dreaming about, the persistence of a unipolar world order. The reason for a new cold war, that a declining West is conducting in vain against Russia and China, from the Middle East to eastern Europe, along with jihadists and supremacist militants. But please, do not insult our intelligence or, give your brain a chance, do not tell us about democracy or liberty, when a failed State like Ukraine has become a furuncle of Europe, a caricature of the whole West

A Barnum circus performance on December 21, 2022 (Mandel Ngan / AFP)

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