History, on this day : revolution in Donbass

Donetsk People’s Republic is founded on April 8, 2014

On April 7, 2014, activists seize in Donetsk the building of the Ukrainian regional administration (Andrew Butko)

Ukraine was an associate member of the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States, former Soviet Union) economic union since April 1994. Its president, Viktor Yanukovych, had been democratically elected on February 25, 2010. A free trade agreement was negotiated with the European Union, but on February 25, 2013, Jose Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission, stated that its enforcement required that Ukraine quit its association with the CIS. On November 21, Yanukovych put the signature of the agreement on hold. In Lviv, Western Ukraine, protestors started chanting

for the EU, death to the enemies, dirty Russian speakers on the gallows

Their sponsor was Oleh Tyahnybok, leader of Nazi Svoboda party. First a few and peaceful in Kiev, the protestors were 500,000 at Maidan square on December 1, the most from the west, around a Nazi and bellicose core. US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Victoria Nuland visited Kiev on December 5, supported the protestors. The economy was deteriorating, Ukraine was asking for financial support. Europe refused, Russia agreed. On December 17, 2013, a new deal was signed with Russia

Nazi militants confront riot police in Kiev on January 19, 2014 (Serguey Spnisky / AFP)

At Maidan square, on February 18, 2014, shots targeted the riot police and the protestors, the situation had escalated to a bloodbath. On February 21, Yanukovych signed an agreement with the leaders of the parliamentary opposition and left the country. 103 protestors and 13 police officers had died. The Nazis were holding one third of the interim government, notably defense. NATO had achieved a rightist coup in Ukraine

On March 4, 2014, US State Secretary John Kerry (second from left) meets in Kiev nationalist Petro Poroshenko (third), the next president of Ukraine. Nazi militant Oleh Tyahnybok, leader of Svoboda party, stands at the left of Poroshenko (US Department of State)
Here is later Oleh Tyahnybok, in the continuation of his political career in Ukraine (Svoboda)

Pro-Europe citizens and Nazis had rebelled late 2013 in the west and Kiev, against the legal government. Pro-Yanukovych and pro-Russia citizens have risen up in March 2014 in Crimea and Donbass against Russophobia. On April 6, 2014, the activists have seized in Lugansk the headquarters of the Ukrainian State security (SBU). On April 7, they have occupied in Donetsk the building of the Ukrainian regional administration. They are demanding either autonomy within a federal Ukraine or incorporation to Russia. Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) is founded on April 8

Spokesman of the DNR, Denis Pushilin addresses journalists on April 18, 2014 (Sergei Grits / AP)

Its new Constitution is socialist and the Western media are describing the new State as neo stalinist. To be honest, we must admit that local culture is clashing with the pro-West regime in Kiev. The main square in Donetsk is bearing the name of Vladimir Lenin (left, Mehdi Chebil / France 24), while the Ukrainian State is praising historical Nazi war criminal Stepan Bandera (right). No surprise for anyone knowing the history of the Western involvement in Ukraine

Petro Poroshenko will become president of Ukraine on June 7, 2014. The new government will disown as terrorists the autonomy partisans, will send against them the loyal members of the armed forces and Nazi militants, legalized meanwhile as paramilitaries. The Ukrainian forces will start shelling civilian areas. These terrorist attacks will be the beginning of the war in Donbass.


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  2. […] either autonomy within a federal Ukraine or incorporation to Russia. They founded Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) on April 8, 2014. Kiev called them terrorists, sent against them the loyal members […]

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