Daily pictures : a Chinese peace plan for Ukraine

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China is not in vain the oldest alive civilization on earth. Chinese bloggers are discussing the Chinese peace plan for Ukraine, that Volodymyr Zelenskyy, a cocaine addict actor, the alibi of the Ukrainian Nazi deep State as well as the stooge of the US, has already rejected. Dnieper river is indeed a relevant boundary line.

Here are the main points of that plan

  • international law must be respected equally by both sides, without double standards,
  • all parties should work together for peace and stability on the Eurasian continent, abandon the cold war mentality,
  • all parties must cease fire and hostilities,
  • dialogue between Russia and Ukraine should resume as soon as possible,
  • the UN should be supported in playing a coordinating role in channeling humanitarian aid to conflict zones,
  • all parties should strictly avoid attacking civilians or civilian facilities [obvious attacks or false flags], protect women, children and other victims of the conflict and respect the basic rights of POW [prisoners of war],
  • China opposes armed attacks against nuclear power plants,
  • the threat or use of nuclear weapons should be opposed,
  • the export of food, within the framework of the grain deal, must be ensured,
  • unilateral sanctions must end,
  • all parties must oppose the weaponization of the world economy,
  • the international community should take part in the reconstruction of the conflict zone.

Jens Stoltenberg is a former Norwegian social-democratic politician, the current general secretary of NATO and a representative of the barbaric roots in northern Europe of the teenage Anglo-Saxon civilization, which is now covering the Atlanticist block. He comments that there is not much confidence in China, during a press conference alongside Kaja Kallas, the neurotic Estonian prime minister [cf. February 19, 2023], Ursula von der Leyen, the corrupted and unfit president of the European Commission, executive body of the birthplace of fascism.


2 responses to “Daily pictures : a Chinese peace plan for Ukraine”

  1. Return all Russian lands to Russia. This plan is not suitable. Nazism must be completely destroyed.


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