Daily pictures : happy days

when Angela Merkel was executive within the Freie Deutsche Jugend in Deutsche Demokratische Republik

Europe was far happier when Germany was cut in two parts and I was occupying her with pleasure

On December 7, 2022, former Kanzlerin Angela Merkel confessed to der Zeit

2014 Minsk agreement was an attempt to buy Ukraine time. It has used this time to strengthen itself, as can be seen today

Ukraine did not strengthen alone. France and Germany were hypocritical when they sponsored an agreement which was supposed to cease fire and bring peace. The Western goal was actually to gain time, in order for NATO to reinforce the military power of the Ostgebiete

Angela Merkel (left) is introduced at the carnival parade in Düsseldorf on March 3, 2014 (Martin Meissner/AP)

The tragicomedy is a long story. Lviv is in western Ukraine the epicenter of a Nazi legacy since WW2. Late 2013, an economical dispute with the European Union led, in the west and Kiev, to a pro-Europe uprising against the legal government. With the help of Nazi political organizations from Lviv and likely, foreign provocative gunmen, NATO achieved a rightist coup in February 2014. Later, Russian-speaking residents of Crimea and Donbass have risen up against the Russophobia of the new authorities, which called them terrorists, cracked down on them with the loyal members of the armed forces and the same Nazi militants, legalized meanwhile as paramilitary formations. That was the outbreak of war in Donbass. NATO member countries are offering their military support to Ukraine since 2014. That is a proxy war. Galvanized, the successive Ukrainian governments did not seriously negotiate, have not implemented Minsk peace agreements.

The latest events confirm an old hypothesis, the liveliness of Germany’s historical and strategic fanaticism for the Ostgebiete, the eastern territories. Another German is currently president of the European Commission, she is also a Christian Democrat. Ursula von der Leyen stated on November 24

[…] the European Union will not rest until Ukraine defeats Putin […]

Or a cyanide capsule ?

Das Bundeskommissariat für die Ostgebiete, the Helferinnen‘s blue and yellow uniform

For 80 years, Germany has always seen objective interests in the east : subcontracts for its industry, cheap Arbeit. But the posture is also irrational when ironically, its indirect consequences become a death threat to the industry. That neurosis is a tool for another ambition, the hegemony of the US and their British minions, its preservation at any cost. But history is cruel, an immanent justice is always threatening the irrational behaviors. How ironic that Germany is supporting in 2022 a Nazi deep State. Moreover, a NATO member country has secured on September 26 the loyalty of the European Union. Western sanctions against Russia and the sabotage of Nord Stream pipelines may destroy the German industry.

Winter is coming


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