Collateral damage in Kremenchug

Both time points have been immortalized. Kremenchug is at left, on June 27, 2022. The photo at right is showing the aftermath of the attack in New York, on September 11, 2001

Once more, the whole West should be upset. A shopping mall is burning down in Kremenchug. A SHOPPING CENTER, temple of the Western civilization. When they are not working, in order to kill time and exist, many Westerners go to the mall, to buy planned obsolescence products.


At 3:18 pm UT, the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, writes on Telegram

Poltava region. Kremenchuk.
The occupiers fired rockets at the mall, where there were more than a thousand civilians. The mall is on fire, rescuers are fighting the fire, the number of victims is impossible to imagine.
No danger to the Russian army. No strategic value. Only the attempt of people to live a normal life, which so angers the occupiers.
Russia continues to place its powerlessness on ordinary citizens. It is useless to hope for adequacy and humanity on her part

A joined video is showing from the parking lot an already large blaze. The two-storey building is engulfed in flames, but not a single debris on the parking lot. Firefighters are working, passersby are watching. In other footage on social networks, servicemen also appear in full combat gear, but still no dead nor injured victims.

> More than a thousand civilians were already sheltering in the Drama theatre, according to the Ukrainian authorities, when on March 16, Nazi Azov regiment engineered there a war crime, a false flag and a PSYOP (psychological operation) against Russia.

Western politicians and media have not missed the appointment, are broadcasting the assertions from Zelenskiy. At 6:40 pm UT, US State secretary Antony Blinken writes on Twitter

> I would be glad to chat with the State secretary about this string of atrocities. As far as I remember, the most advertised one to date was in Bucha, early April. In my expertise, the war crimes were Ukrainian and a despicable PSYOP. Actually, Russia has NEVER struck civilians in Ukraine, always military value targets.

At 7:46 pm UT, the New York Times titles

A missile strike hit a crowded shopping center in central Ukraine

At 9:38 pm UT, the Leaders of the G7 state

> The Group of Seven (Canada, European Union, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK and US) is meeting since June 26 in Krün, Bavaria, Germany, where the inter-governmental forum is appearing as a political coalition against Russia and its special military operation in Ukraine. Curious set of circumstances : Russia would have decided to commit a war crime at the same time

(Stefan Rousseau/Pool)

A touch of humor

The meeting will end the day after and most of these leaders will gather again in Madrid, on June 29, for a NATO summit

> […] Indiscriminate attacks on innocent civilians constitute a war crime […] has written the G7. I can add that a deliberate violent action to terror civilians, in order to achieve a common political goal, is terrorism. Ukrainian militants are quick, responsive, active and creative on social networks

> The evocation of children boosts emotions and anesthetizes analysis. As a professional, I keep cool : we know nothing so far about the alleged attack, have seen a blaze but no explosion nor victims. In my expertise however, the deliberate Ukrainian shelling of civilians in Donbass, for eight years, is an archetype of terrorist activity.

British media are not disappointing. As usual in the context of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine, the tabloids, especially, reach the climax of Western hysteria

The first military reports

At 5:23 pm UT, the Ukrainian Air Force Command publishes on Facebook a precise public report, maybe information from Western intelligence agencies

The Russian occupiers hit X-22 missiles fired from Tu-22 M3 long-range bombers at a shopping and entertainment center in Kremenchuk. Rashist planes took off from Shaykovka airfield, and launches were made from the Kursk region

> All over Ukraine, almost daily, Russia is conducting strategic or operational strikes against various military facilities, military value plants, communication lines, troops concentration, headquarters. Kremenchug is about 350 km from Kursk, Russia, within range of the Kh-22 (X-22 in Russian), which is however antediluvian, produced since 1962, deemed highly inaccurate, in comparison to more modern missiles that the Tu-22M3 strategic bomber can also carry. Maybe then the Kh-32, an upgraded variant of Kh-22. Last but not the least, the fall of one or several 1,000 kg warheads of Kh-22, on the mall and a thousand people, should kill hundreds.

The alleged attack occurs several hours after the daily report from the Russian ministry of defense, which will not comment on June 27.

The doubt

At least from the parking lot, where witnesses record videos and no debris appear, the incident looks like a common blaze


Truly amazing, a witness shows a shop where the ceiling has collapsed and the bottles are still steady on the shelves, no blast here


> This witness is Anton Herashchenko, a Ukrainian nationalist politician, advisor of the interior minister, whom a curious combination of circumstances has placed on Monday, June 27, in Kremenchug, 350 km from Kiev, where he was the day before.

Shared on social networks, an aerial video, at 6:27 pm UT, is showing that something is still burning farther, when the fire has been extinguished in the mall


> A plant is close behind Amstor mall, less than 100 m : Kredmash, Kremenchug plant of road machines

On June 28, Ukrainian news channel Trukha publishes a retrospective CCTV footage, which is showing a water body, under a rain of debris. An explosion has occurred the day before, at 3:59 pm local time, 1:59 pm UT. The site is Gazebo on the Island of Love, at the north edge of Kredmash plant, whereas Amstor mall is at the opposite edge, 500 m to the south. The explosion was within the plant, closer to the north edge than the mall, where no debris appeared on the parking lot


The Russian statement

On June 28, the Russian defense ministry states

On June 27, in the city of Kremenchug, Poltava region, the Russian Aerospace Forces delivered a strike with high-precision air-based weapons on hangars with weapons and ammunition received from the United States and European countries, in the area of the Kremenchug plant of road vehicles.
As a result of high-precision strike, Western-made weapons and ammunition, concentrated in the storage area for further shipment to the Ukrainian grouping of troops in Donbass, were hit.
The detonation of stored ammunition for Western weapons caused a fire in a non-functioning shopping center located next to the plant


Russia acknowledges a missiles strike in Kremenchug, against a category of military target which is daily treated in Ukraine : a stock of Western weapons and ammunition. NATO is usually boasting of these shipments and Ukraine is usually complaining that they are not enough. Kredmash plant was suitable for such stocks. A recent shipment could even explain the presence in town of Anton Herashchenko.

All Ukrainian footage of the blaze and its aftermath are showing that Amstor mall was NOT the target, did not undergo a direct hit. The incident was a collateral damage, usual US expression.

As often, with the complacency of Western politicians and media, the Ukrainians are attempting to engineer a PSYOP, the cleanest one so far, passive, they killed nobody. If customers were inside the mall, they were evacuated at the onset of the fire. The official provisional toll is 18 dead, not identified so far, probably killed where the missiles hit, in Kredmash plant


The last details of the incident are disclosed on June 29 and thereafter, thanks to Volodymyr Zelenskiy, the Western media and their common bad faith.

We have already found the evidence that a missile has struck in northern Kredmash plant, about 500 m from Amstor mall, at 3:59 pm local time, on June 27. As a last cartridge to support his assertion, the Ukrainian president releases CCTV footage which are showing the first strike, at 3:51 pm, in southern Kredmash plant. At first sight, the target is not clear, the plant or Amstor mall ?


The Western media are broadcasting the footage and Sky News adds a satellite photo. But still no direct hit on the mall, the crater is at the southern edge of the plant, where the missile has struck a railway. Then the blaze has destroyed the mall. The undeniable facts are confirmed when the Ukrainian authorities bring journalists around the crater


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