Daily pictures : die Verteidigung und Rettung der westlichen Welt

Charlemagne case

Late January 1943, when the remnants of Friedrich Paulus’ 6. Armee were about to surrender in Stalingrad, Adolf Hitler spoke about

the defense and salvation of the Western world

Beside its eternal identity of Nazism birthplace, Germany has always seen objective interests in the east, the Ostgebiete [eastern territories] : subcontracts for its industry, cheap Arbeit. But the posture becomes irrational when ironically, the neurosis becomes a threat to its own industry. Germany is nowadays so slavish to the US, that it has tolerated the sabotage of Nord Stream pipelines.

Tomorrow, May 14, 2023, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the corrupt satrap of an Ostgebiet, will be awarded in Germany the Internationaler Karlspreis zu Aachen [International Charles the Great Prize in Aachen], for the defense of Europe and its values. Karl der Große [Charles the great], Charlemagne in French, was a Frankish emperor in the 9th century and a war criminal, according to modern standards. During WW2, a French Waffen-SS division was named Charlemagne, was defending Europe alongside Nazi Germany, against Soviet Union

A French recruitment poster in 1943

The event is not only a Barnum circus in an arrogant and declining Europe. Germany will also announce a €2.7 billion worth delivery of military equipment to Ukraine, on the new east front against Russia.

Spokeswoman of the Russian foreign affairs ministry, Maria Zakharova stated on May 10

On the eve of May 9, Zelenskyy canceled Victory Day, sacred to many Ukrainian citizens. He instead approved Europe Day, as if there was no other day among 365 ones, no other historical period either. To understand the underlying purpose of this replacement, one need only look at the officials who came to this celebration. That is the president of the European Commission, German Ursula von der Leyen. She is a representative of the vindictive Europeans, simply seeks revenge on our country for the crushing defeat her Nazi ancestors suffered 78 years ago

I agree. Europe and especially Germany have no pride nor honor, only vanity. Ukraine is since 2014 its furuncle, where the deep State is once more Nazi.

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