Daily pictures : new psychodrama on CNN


On February 16, 2023, two days after the New York Times and other outlets have paved the way, private US TV channel CNN is joining a new PSYOP, is whining about a vicious attack against volunteer medics. On February 2, in Bakhmut, a Kornet antitank guided missile (ATGM) has hit a vehicle. Former US Marine, 34-year-old Pete Reed has been killed, at least two Norwegian members of his team have been wounded

Aftermath of the shot for the two Norwegians (Emanuele Satolli / WSJ)

The Kornet is a third generation ATGM, fire and forget. The fighter needs a line of sight when he shoots, up to 5,500 m, not after. The missile reaches the target on its own

A Kornet is aimed to a target in October 2022, during the special military operation (Russian defense ministry, screenshots)

Some Russian channels are arguing on social networks that the positions of Wagner private military company (PMC) were then too far and/or the Russian fighters had no open line of sight to the target, that the shot may have been a Ukrainian false flag. Possible, the case would not be the first one since February 24, 2022


But in that instance, I do not care. Bakhmut is a battlefield. In the video, the volunteers seemed on the verge of evacuating an injured individual who was lying on the side of the road. The white van was not displaying any red cross and the members of the team were wearing military fatigues. The Atlanticist forces are using many civilian vehicles. The shot was legitimate, against an enemy van, likely several kilometers away

(Social networks)

Moreover, if I can understand the sensitivity of the US public, I do not care about Pete Reed. He was volunteer in the current cruelest battle in Ukrainian-occupied Donbass, while cops are abducting thousands men in Ukraine, in order to make them cannon fodder against their will. The US and UK have prevented a ceasefire in March 2022, between 150,000 and 200,000 Atlanticist fighters have been killed so far and fortunately, ten times less Russians.

A related assessment

Thousands NATO soldiers have already been killed in Donbass and Ukraine


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