Daily pictures : Deutsche Nazis kämpfen in der Ukraine

Daniel Gerliani on social networks

Der Titel ist auf Deutsch aber ich werde auf Englisch fortfahren. German citizen Daniel Gerliani has been killed near Kharkov on June 3, 2022. He was studying law in the city, where he has joined Nazi Azov regiment, at the beginning of the Russian special military operation. His death is trending on social networks on July 20.

Within Azov, his call sign was Himalaya and according to reliable Ukrainian nationalist sources, who already announced his death on June 7, he was leading a group called Ahnenerbe. The translation is ancestral heritage, Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler had founded this racist think tank in 1935

On June 4, the command of the international legion of territorial defense of Ukraine has already eulogized four mercenaries, including French Nazi militant Wilfried Blériot and one German fighter, Björn Benjamin Clavis. Look at the tattoo on his right hand, an Iron Cross, not a Swastika, which would be illegal in Germany

Björn Benjamin Clavis on social networks

One of my entertainments is to watch how Western democratic societies and political authorities are reacting to the deaths of Western Nazi militants in Ukraine. The study has already been insightful in the case of France.

Gag order so far in the case of Germany, the historical Heimat of Nazism, its Nazi mercenaries in Ukraine. But the German democratic State is suing journalist Alina Lipp, because she has written on Telegram that denazification has begun in Donbass, where the population is supporting Russia. Which is true. The judicial plot is that the Russian special military operation may be a crime under international law. This harassment is obviously a censorship attempt

Alina Lipp on her Telegram channel

As a former criminal investigator, I hate lies and injustice. Since late March, to display the letter Z, as support to the Russian special military operation, is illegal in Germany. The Bundesrepublik Deutschland should not forget so quickly who have cleansed Berlin and denazified Germany, that would be unfair. Here is my gift to the German authorities

Misinformation, disinformation, broadcast of Ukrainian propaganda are building the rhetoric of Western politicians and the main media are their stooges. I hope justice will be independent.


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