Death of a French Nazi militant in Ukraine

On June 1, 2022, in Kharkov region, a Russian shelling fatally injures a French volunteer, member of Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s International Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine, but the public disclosure of his identity and pedigree is heart-wrenching for the French authorities

Historical recruitment poster for the French 33. Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS Charlemagne

The first report

On June 2, from an anonymous official source, French radio Europe 1 announces

a French fighter has died on the ground […] The young man had joined the Ukrainian International Defense Legion and was participating in the fighting against the Russian army […] has been killed in recent days in Kharkiv region, mortally wounded by artillery fire

> His identity is undisclosed.

The same day, most French media, national or regional, repeat the information.

The historical French collective stress disorder

After the crushing German victory in May-June 1940, French venerated marshal Philippe Pétain started to rule the country. The sacrifices and victories of the Soviet army mobilized in eastern Europe the three quarters of the German forces, enabled therefore the Anglo-American landing in Normandy on June 6, 1944.

Between 1940 and 1944, as US historian Robert Paxton has later assessed, about 30,000 French citizens resisted against the German forces and their collaborators, including French State. Meanwhile, the same number of French Nazi militiamen, the infamous Milice Française, were cracking down on the resistance. Furthermore, about 150,000 cops and gendarmes were involved in the chase of the resistant operatives. That was the balance of forces in the 40-million-inhabitant country.

On July 8, 1941, a few days after the beginning of the German offensive in Soviet Union, the Légion des Volontaires Français contre le Bolchévisme (legion of French volunteers against Bolshevism, LVF) was created as an auxiliary force on east front


Including the former LVF, the 33. Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS Charlemagne was formed in 1944, then annihilated against Soviet troops in 1945

(Yevgeny Khaldei)

The official stance

24 hours after the first report, under pressure from media, the French government, its foreign affairs ministry, states

we have learned the sad news that a Frenchman has been mortally wounded in fighting in Ukraine, we offer our condolences to his family

> La France is a claimed ally of Ukraine, through weapons and ammunition shipments for eight years, sanctions against Russia… etc But the identity of the French fighter for democracy remains undisclosed. What is the shame ?

(Aurélien Morissard / IP3)

If la France is modest over the issue, the Ukrainian and French fellows of the dead fighter are proud of him, start to express on social networks on June 3. Guess what ? The hero is a pure Nazi militant.

Der gute Kamerad

The Telegram channel of the Misanthropic Division, an international Nazi organization which has been founded in Ukraine in 2013, states

French Heroe Wilfried Bleriot (33 y.o.). Proud French WSMDivision member, French Legioner, man who fought bloshevism/afa [antifascists] all his life, great man, our friend and brother-in-arms died (01.06.2022) defending Europe/Ukraine from asiatic hordes. He died as a man with Ak [an Asiatic weapon, bro] in his hands from Russian artillery in Kharkiv region. Merci frere, for your help, Your live will be revenged. Heil Victory [Sieg in German], Glory to the Heroes, See you Walahalle [Valhalla], frere!

Born in Bayeux, Normandy, on December 4, 1989, Wilfried Blériot appears in a first undated photo, with a bellicose T-Shirt of the Misanthropic Division

Another picture is an open History book

> The background is the red and black flag of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA, 1941-1956) of Ukrainian Nazi Stepan Bandera (1909-1959), which slaughtered communist militants, Polish civilians, Jews, fought Soviet Union. Ukrainian Nazi organization Pravyi Sektor (right sector) is still bearing it.

The halo around Blériot’s head is the Schwarze Sonne (black sun), a legacy of Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler and a still famous Nazi symbol, which is displayed from Nazi Azov regiment (center and right), in Ukraine, to the US, where Payton Gendron (left) committed a racist mass killing on May 14, 2022

French say usually une bonne nouvelle n’arrive jamais seule, good news never arrives on its own. On June 4, the Facebook official account of the Ukrainian international legion, confirms the death of Blériot in its ranks, announces three other Western fatalities : Björn Benjamin Clavis (Germany), Michael O’Neill (Australia) and Ronald Vogelaar (the Netherlands).

The Western empire of lies

Twitter has censored your servant, suspended my account, where I had disclosed the identity of the now denazified French militant, who was defending therefore Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s ultra-nationalist Ukraine.


For those definitely attracted but not eager to risk denazification, the Misanthropic Division displays on June 20 a set of patches that anyone can buy, in order to support the Ukrainian resistance. Note on the third line, the single key, which was the emblem of the 1. SS-Panzerdivision Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler

The Telegram channel is also sharing the video messages of 42-year-old Andriy Biletsky, a Ukrainian police lieutenant colonel, politician, historical Nazi militant, leader in Ukraine of National Corps party and founder in 2014 of Azov regiment, another Nazi organization. Its military branch, part of the Ukrainian national guard, is now famous, after its surrender in May in Azovstal, Mariupol.

Ukrainian resistance, Слава Україні

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  1. […] > The issue is not in Mariupol, Foreign operatives are not at stake, but it highlights France and the ideological atmosphere in Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s Ukraine. In the region of Kharkov, a Russian shelling fatally injures French Nazi militant Wilfried Blériot […]


  2. Intéressant,
    J’avais un peu dinfo dans ce sens
    Tu ajoute que c’est cefran, ça remonte à petain ?


    1. Ça n’est pas particulèrement français, plutôt européen. Je crois qu’en rapport à la population, ce sont les Néerlandais qui ont envoyé le plus de volontaires SS sur le front de l’est.
      Mais dans la France cocardière, encore majoritairement vichyste à mon avis, l’Histoire nationale, ses crimes et heureusement, ses échecs, sont une véritable névrose, d’où la pudeur des autorités sur l’identité de Wilfried Blériot.
      En tous cas, il est amusant de remarquer comment aujourd’hui, comme voila 80 ans, l’ “Europe” se mobilise contre les “hordes asiatiques”, que les nazis appellent toujours “bolchéviques”. Dans les frousses ataviques, les réactions épidermiques, la protection de l’empire US, l’atlantisme, a remplacé le grand Reich


      1. Je pensais que nous étions moins idiots


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  6. […] legion of territorial defense of Ukraine has already eulogized four mercenaries, including French Nazi militant Wilfried Blériot and one German fighter, Björn Benjamin Clavis. Look at the tattoo on his right […]


  7. […] of territorial defense of Ukraine has already eulogized four mercenaries, including French Nazi militant Wilfried Blériot and one German fighter, Björn Benjamin Clavis. Look at the tattoo on his right hand, […]


  8. […] Blériot, Wilfried, né le 4 décembre 1989,tué dans la région de Kharkov le 1er juin 2022, dans les rangs de l’organisation nazie internationale Misanthropic Division, fondée en Ukraine en 2013 […]


  9. […] am usually publishing on Medium, have shared there on June 4 an article about the death of a French Nazi militant in Ukraine, have enriched my long chronicle about the Western operatives in Mariupol, quote on June 9 UK […]


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