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  • Flash : rebellion and mutinies in Ukraine ?
    against the human price of the proxy war that NATO is conducting against Russia The situation is improving in Ukraine. Three days before, a company leader shot a battalion commander, in an amateur video which was […]
  • Flash : Nazi militants are cool partisans
    if you believe Le Monde, once a French baseline daily newspaper Le Monde was once a baseline evening newspaper in France, when I was a kid. On May 25, 2023, its correspondent in Ukraine writes about […]
  • Flash : l’état orwellien des sociétés occidentales du spectacle
    le dossier Kenneth Kenneth, c’est un pseudonyme, est ici le personnage central d’une délicieuse allégorie de l’état orwellien des sociétés occidentales du spectacle, a aussi écrit Guy Debord. Il est membre de Lyon populaire, un groupe […]
  • Flash : anniversary of Petliura case
    the omens of the Ukrainian Nazism Samuel Schwarzbard (left) is a French-Russian citizen, an injured and decorated fighter within French ranks during WW1, a communist militant, a revolutionary in Petrograd in 1917, a Bolshevik fighter in […]
    failed Ukrainian propaganda in Amsterdam Remake on May 25, 2023, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, of what happened in Berlin, Germany, on February 25. In partnership with the Ukrainian authorities, the municipality displays a Russian damaged T-72 […]
  • [Sharing] After Bakhmut – Douglas Macgregor, The American Conservative
    Russia turned Bakhmut into the graveyard of Ukrainian military power. What comes next? Until the fighting begins, national military strategy developed in peacetime shapes thinking about warfare and its objectives. Then the fighting creates a new […]
    On May 20, 2023, at 3:50 pm, local time, one year after another liberation, the surrender in Mariupol of Nazi Azov regiment, Yevgeny Prigozhin announces that the Russian forces have achieved a complete victory in Bakhmut, […]

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