Ukrainian terrorist raid in Russia

for the purification of Russia


First reports

A hostage situation has broken out on March 2, 2023, in Bryansk region, near Ukraine border. Reports on social networks, media and Russian authorities are describing the ongoing crisis.

Maybe two Ukrainian diversion and recce groups (DRG), about 40 fighters, have infiltrated trough the border. Their original mission is unclear, maybe the destruction of infrastructures like power substations.

But witnesses are testifying that the assailants have deliberately shot at civilians in at least one village, Sashuny (52.19516958514104, 32.31158488547411), which is less than two km from the border. Several residents have already been killed or injured. The criminals are currently detaining a handful of civilians. That is terrorism

The Russian State security agency (FSB) and attached elements of the defense ministry are working there, in order to clear the threat.

The assailants

Advisor to Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Ukrainian journalist Mykhailo Podolyak starts accusing Russia of a classic deliberate provocation. But other Atlanticist channels demonstrate his lies, are sharing on social networks a pair of videos, which are showing personnel of the DRGs in broad daylight. They were displaying their flag in one or several identifiable Russian tiny villages. One of their original tasks was therefore propaganda, due likely to the defeat in Bakhmut

The characters are members of the Russian Volunteer Corps (Russkiy dobrovol’cheskiy korpus, RDK), a bunch of Nazi defectors, who have settled in Ukraine for years, are usually working for the psychological department of the Ukrainian military intelligence (GUR), are bearing sometimes the symbols of the Russian Liberation Army (Russkaya Osvoboditel’naya Armiya, ROA, 1942-1945), Nazi auxiliaries during WW2

Paris, Champs Elysées, captain Yuri Belov and lieutenant Sergeyevich Davidenkov, from Vlasov army [ROA], in July 1943 (Keystone, colorization : Julius Jääskeläinen / Pen News)

The leader is 36-year-old Denis Kapustin, alias Denis Nikitin, alias White Rex

In 2001, he settled with his mother in Germany, under a program for Jewish migrants, became Nazi, started beating migrants. He visited Kiev during the rightist coup on Maidan square, in 2013-2014, is living in Ukraine since 2017.

Another assailant is Alexei Kozhemyakin, former criminal convict in Russia, whose tattoo was a passport in 2015 for post-Maidan Ukraine

Andriy Yusov is spokesman of the GUR, states that the operation is

a continuation of the transformation of Russia, its purification and liberation from Putin’s dictatorship


Thank for these words, quod erat demonstrandum.


In the afternoon, the Russian authorities confirm that the raid has killed two civilians in Lyubechane, other victims have been injured there or elsewhere. The members of the DRGs, 45, according to themselves, later, to the Ukrainian media, have come back to the Atlanticist lines in Ukraine. They are recounting that they managed to escape without meeting the Russian security forces. But in the previous videos, we can hear bursts of assault rifle fire in the distant. Despite their deny, they shot therefore at civilians. They have also left mines behind them. Here is a DM31, the German version of a Swedish anti-tank mine

(Social networks)

Fedor – Hero of Russia

The inhabitants pay tribute to Fedor, 11 years old, who already injured, shot in the back, has led two young girls to a safe place

(Social networks)

Former intelligence officer within the US Marine Corps (USMC), then UN inspector in Iraq, who warned in 2003 that no weapons of mass destruction (WMD) were there, Scott Ritter tells Sputnik

it’s clear there were no military objectives. This was a deliberately provocative attack, and it was an attack that was designed to anger Russia by intent. You don’t target women, children, you don’t target a civilian, a village, unless your goal is to anger Russia and provoke Russia into perhaps overreacting. I think that’s the objective […] an overreaction that could then be used by the Zelensky government as justification for requesting even more military assistance

The European Union is censoring Sputnik. But my readers can use a virtual private networks (VPN) or easier, an online proxy, in order to foil that political censorship.

As usual, a disgrace for most Western mainstream media, dishonest journalists and stooges of politicians, who do not report a reality which is incompatible with their crooked narrative, a disinformation in support to a proxy war that the Atlanticist block has provoked in Donbass and Ukraine.


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