Daily pictures : US missile fell in NATO non-member Ukraine, killing people


Since October 10, 2022, Russia is conducting large scale missile and drone strikes against command and communication centers, power plants and other energy facilities, except nuclear ones, all over Ukraine. Amid a new onslaught on November 23, Ukrainian media are writing that anti-air defenses NASAMS and IRIS are working in Kiev. Footage and photos surface later on social networks from Vyshgorod, northern suburb of the capital. At least one corpse is brought out a damaged residential building, people have been killed.

The projectile may have been a Russian cruise missile but quickly, a Ukrainian witness shares the picture of a debris with an English word, LIFT

With no doubt, the missile was an AIM-120 AMRAAM (Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile), that nothing but a NASAMS (Norwegian Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System) has launched from the ground

The US started delivering NASAMS early month and on November 16, defense secretary Lloyd Austin stated that

US-provided NASAMS air defense systems have had a 100% success rate in Ukraine intercepting Russian missiles

the day after a Ukrainian Russian-made S-300 system had managed to shoot down an agricultural tractor in Poland, 70 km north of Lviv, the city it was likely supposed to defend. The previous incident may have been a false flag war crime, in order to trigger the direct involvement of NATO in Ukraine. Germany started delivering IRIS-T SL (Infra Red Imaging System Tail Surface Launched) mid October

Aftermath in Vyshgorod

Assessments appear in the afternoon about the state of power supply in Ukraine

In the evening, 80% of Kiev is without electricity or water. 25% of the ATMs are operating throughout the country. On social networks, Russians are reminding what was life in Crimea, when Ukraine cut electricity and water, in Donbass, during eight years of Ukrainian shelling

The United Nations are unable to incriminate Ukraine and clearly condemn a blackmail, three days after a new shelling of Zaparojie nuclear power plant (ZNPP), in Energodar, but an emergency meeting of the Security Council is scheduled today, at 4:00 pm, New York time, midnight in Moscow. Volodymyr Zelenskyy is supposed to speak there via video. The words of a cocaine addict actor, Western puppet in a proxy war, are trivial and pointless.


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