[Sharing] Chrystia Freeland’s Nazi Problem – Scott Ritter

[my illustration : here in Toronto, on February 27, 2022, Chrystia Freeland, deputy prime minister of Canada, demonstrates her support to Ukraine with a black and red scarf, colors of the UPA, a Ukrainian Nazi paramilitary organization during WW2, current flag of Pravyi Sektor (right sector), a Nazi political organization in modern Ukraine (social networks)]

[…] Chrystia Freeland is a Ukrainian nationalist of the worst kind, an apologist for the Nazi affiliations of that movement’s past (including the role played by her grandfather), and an active facilitator of the ideology and symbology of hate that is the Azov movement.

In short, she’s a Nazi […]

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61-year-old Scott Ritter is a former intelligence officer (1984-1996) within the US Marines corps, became famous as weapons inspector (1991-1998) within the United Nations special commission about weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq. With professionalism and foresight, he warned that the US and British governments were using the myth of Iraqi WMD as a pretext for invasion in 2003. He was right.

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