Daily pictures : new Ukrainian terrorist shelling

two women are killed in Makeyevka, Donetsk People’s Republic, Donbass

(CCTV screenshots)

Daily Atlanticist shelling on April 23, 2023, of residential areas where no troops are stationed, no military value facility is settled. Two female passersby, two sisters, are killed at noon in the streets of Makeyevka, northeastern suburb of Donetsk city.

After the rightist coup in Kiev in February 2014, people rose up in Donbass against the Russophobia of the new nationalist authorities, who disowned as terrorists the autonomy partisans, cracked down on them with the loyal members of the armed forces and Nazi militants, legalized meanwhile in national volunteer battalions. Since the first fighting, NATO countries are offering their military support to Ukraine. For the first time, on May 26, 2014, the Atlanticist forces shelled Donetsk airport. On June 2, air strikes targeted Lugansk, where 8 civilians were killed and 28 injured. Terrorism is a modus operandi which is seeking the achievement of a common political goal, through the terror sowed among victims. Carl von Clausewitz would have likely written that terrorism is war against civilians. The Atlanticist terrorist shelling of Donbass are nine years old, the main reason for the Russian special military operation. Defeated on the battlefield, the Ukrainian army is still using against civilians its new Western weapons.

Russian investigators are working on the crime scene

In this instance, the munition is a 122 mm rocket

(Andrey Rudenko, Screenshots)

At least five projectiles hit Makeyevka today. Dozens other ones in Donetsk city, where another victim, a driver, has already been killed, when at 8:00 pm, Moscow time, the shelling is going on, with 122 mm rockets and NATO 155 mm shells. Since January 1, the Atlanticist artillery has killed 100 civilians and injured 382 more in Donetsk People’s Republic.

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