Daily pictures : Atlanticist coup attempt in Georgia

where protestors are now demanding the resignation of the democratic government

(Social networks)

Two days ago, on March 7, West-sponsored groups have mobilized their militants in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia. In front of the parliament, few thousand violent protestors were demanding the removal of a draft law, which would require all organizations which are receiving more than 20% of their funds from abroad to register as foreign agents.

The government has given up today, the bill has been removed. Then the protestors have demanded the release of about one hundred arrested rioters, have also succeeded. The demonstration is ongoing tonight, for the resignation of the government.

Georgia is a democracy but the West is not appreciating its neutrality. Its prime minister is not anti-Europe nor pro-Russia, simply patriot. Unlike the protestors, who are bearing flags of the European Union, NATO, US and Ukraine.

After three days, the event appears as what it is. While the Atlanticist forces are defeated in Ukraine, the US and its European stooges are attempting to overthrow a democratic government, in order to create a diversion on the southern flank of Russia.


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