Daily pictures : anti-fascist militant John McIntyre has defected from Ukraine to Russia

has brought with him information gathered during almost one year within Sich battalion, a Ukrainian Nazi paramilitary formation

in the Atlanticist ranks (social networks)

On February 28, 2023, Russia Today releases the video on Rumble. Murad Gazdiev has interviewed John McIntyre, former US serviceman with the 1st armored division, former mercenary in the Atlanticist ranks in Donbass and Ukraine. In March 2022, he joined the international legion then Sich battalion, the military branch of Ukrainian Nazi Svoboda party, a punitive formation attached to the 93rd mechanized brigade of the Ukrainian regular army. But McIntyre is an anti-fascist militant, has gathered military information, papers, files, intelligence and maps, defected to Russia early February 2023

Nota Bene : Rumble is censored in France, where my readers can use a virtual private network (VPN) or easier, an online proxy, in order to foil that political censorship.

I am a communist, an anti-fascist. I decided to collect as much useful information as possible and run across the front line […] When I was in Kharkov, I wanted to swim across, but I discovered that they have snipers, not for protection, but to shoot defectors

I didn’t expect there to be so many Nazis, everyone has tattoos, Nazi symbols. At some point, they pestered me with questions about my communist views. I said that I was an anti-fascist, I came to fight the Russian imperialists and the Nazis. And they say: “No, the Russians are not Nazis – we are Nazis” […] I had to become Nazi, do Hitler salute to maintain my cover

Kiev troops used civilian cover and let media report that Russians killed them […] Ukrainian troops cut Russian soldiers’ genitalia and heads off, slit throats […] Kiev soldiers seek genocide against Russians, remove them from their land […] Things Kiev does to Russian population in Ukraine need to be stopped

Among war criminals, he has not only seen Ukrainian nationalists but also foreigners, from Portugal, France and Argentina.

Within the foreign legion, there was an intelligence officer from the US Navy, who had a satellite phone and a computer provided by the CIA, was getting info about Russian positions and movements

Kiev commanders remove insurance money and sell Western arms to black market […] US spends billions on Nazi government and it’s time for America to wake up

A lot of people got missing, including foreigners […] I was compromised as whistleblower, I left to escape being shot in the head […] I was about to be executed, so I fled to Moscow through Kishinev, Istanbul

I handed all information to Russia, from command structure to names

My feeling : his defection is a redemption. I guess he said everything to the GRU (Russian military intelligence) or SVR (Russian foreign intelligence), is likely more discreet about himself with the journalist. His defection is a redemption and he has brought useful information to Russia. Welcome to the good side, John.


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