Radio Paris vous parle

Private TV channel LCI is the most zealous broadcaster of Ukrainian propaganda in France. On January 5, 2023, a panel has discussed the plan that the Ukrainian Nazi deep State had drawn up, in order to decolonize Crimea

Philippe Henriot

The journalists and self-claimed experts have not criticized that project of ethnic cleansing. They have detailed it with complacency

  • deportation of Russian residents,
  • Ukrainian immigration,
  • derussification of the administration
The ugly Jean Quatremer is scribbler for Libération, a fanzine for young wokes

That pathetic spectacle is so indecent that he becomes hilarious for anyone who knows French history. The first prerequisite, in order to conduct an ethnic cleansing, is military victory, but I am confident that NATO will lose its proxy war against Russia. The French are definitely not qualified military advisors, because they have undergone in May-June 1940, the most spectacular and humiliating military defeat in the history of mankind. They are easy to subdue. Nazi Germany enforced its rules and nowadays, the most French are stooges of NATO.

As French, they know what deportation means. After the defeat, Philippe Pétain became in 1940 the leader of the fascist État français [French State]. The Police nationale and gendarmerie were involved in the genocide of Jews

Decolonization. In order to ward off their inferiority complex, after a previous defeat against Prussia in 1870, the French triggered the European colonization of Africa. Their empire colonial became quickly an indispensable aspect of their national grandeur. So much that even after WW2, they attempted to preserve it, carried out two criminal colonial wars and fortunately, lost both, in Indochina (1946 – 1954) and Algeria (1954 – 1962). Many remember that due to its neo-colonialist strategy, France was in the 90s the accomplice of a genocide in Rwanda.

Media. Since the beginning in February 2022 of the Russian special military operation for liberation of Donbass, demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine, the French press is likely the most crooked in the West. The French State is subsidizing all journalists and from the right to the left, none dares contradict the Western narrative about Ukraine. Most reports are simply moronic. The French press has reached a low which is not new in its history. During WW2, while the Red Army was defeating the European Nazi forces on the east front, Philippe Henriot (1889 – 1944) was minister of information within the fascist French State and a speaker on radio whom 90% of French were listening to respectfully

French propaganda poster in 1941

Not many dates deserve celebration in French history but on June 28, 1944, a team of communist partisans managed to shoot dead Philippe Henriot in Paris. The whiny film of his funeral remains a picturesque document about the France éternelle

I have never liked these people. The speed of their fall is however surprising, confirms how I was right about them. That TV channel is right-wing, usually chauvinistic. The particular indecency of these words lies in the history, that the participants do not ignore, of their own country. Quatremer dares compare Crimea to Algeria, where the Europeans, 9% of the population, emigrated to France during the war and after independence. But according to his own figures, the Russians are more than 66% in Crimea. The Ukrainian minority is sharing there the same rights, nothing in common with the apartheid system that France had enforced in Algeria for the sake of a white minority. I am confident that Quatremer will not achieve in Crimea his revenge for the French defeat in Algeria, the third one in 22 years. These heinous commenters are Russophobic because they are suffering from an inferiority complex.

A related piece, the whole chronicle of the Western disinformation about Ukraine, censorship, fake news, whitewashing of the Ukrainian Nazism and war crimes, for the sake of the proxy war that NATO is conducting in Ukraine against Russia.


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