Daily pictures : terrorist shooting in Paris

(Lewis Joly / Sipa)

Around noon, on December 23, 2022, a gunman opens fire rue d’Enghien, 10th district in Paris. His weapon is a .45 automatic pistol, his targets are unknown workers and passersby, in and around Kurdish stores and cafés. At least six victims are hit, three will be dead in the afternoon. 69-year-old French pensioner, the shooter is under arrest half an hour later, was carrying six chargers, 15 cartridges each. Police and justice already know him. One year ago, with a saber, he has cracked down on tents in a migrants camp.

Racism is the motive, that mass shooting is a terrorist attack. Terrorism is a modus operandi which is seeking the achievement of a common political goal, through the terror sowed among victims. Carl von Clausewitz would have probably written that terrorism is war against civilians. The assailant is alone, but his motive and political goals are widely shared. That is terrorism.

While politicians have started congratulating the police for the arrest, the public hears through leaks that the employees and customers of a Kurdish hairdressing salon managed to disarm the gunman, who has been hospitalized with head injuries after the melee. Prestige Chez Munzur – Barbier Coiffeur, 7 rue d’Enghien, is a good address. The police has carted him away later

(Screenshot from CCTV in the hairdressing salon)

I know the Police nationale. Nowadays ordinary French police officers are unable to confront gunmen, the doctrine does not promote such courage. If the heroes had not subdued the assailant, SWAT teams would have been called to the rescue, BRI as plan A, RAID as plan B. That syndrome was already the reason for the death toll at the end of a three-hour-long massacre, on November 13, 2015, in a city which is yet numbering per capita twice more police officers than New York. However, the cops dare later throw tear gas and sound grenades, in order to disperse Kurds who have gathered in tribute to the victims


Did you believe that a white French citizen would be able to commit a racist mass shooting, therefore a terrorist attack ? Well, the prosecutor thinks that as it stands, no element would favor a terrorist investigation. Incompetence at all levels, at the very least. Try to understand the Kurdish community. That is the current state of the French society and the police it deserves.


His name is Malet, William Malet


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