Daily pictures : Pavlovka is liberated

On November 10, 2022, elements of Kaskad OBTF (a combat tactical formation of Donetsk People’s Militia), 40th and 155th Naval Infantry brigades of the Pacific fleet, complete the cleansing of Pavlovka. They defeat there their adversaries of the Ukrainian 72nd mechanized brigade, a regular unit which is involved in the crackdown on the uprising in Donbass since 2014.

The tiny village is 4 km southwest of Ugledar, in a hotly contested area, on the south flank of the Ukrainian defenses in occupied Donbass. Good news while 450 km to the west, the Russian forces are withdrawing from the right bank of Dnieper river and Kherson, due to a logistical nightmare


Semyon Pegov is reporting from the battlefield, with the help of crutches, since his injury on October 23. Ukrainian propaganda channels were cheering the alleged loss of his foot. Pegov replied with humor that he was the first patient of a new medical technology from an institute in Siberia, which was allowing the lost foot to regrow in a few days



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