Israeli weapons for Ukraine ?

Ukrainian stamp for the 100th Birthday of Stepan Bandera in 2009

On October 16, 2022, Israeli minister Nachman Shai writes on Twitter

this morning it was reported that Iran is transferring ballistic missiles to Russia. There is no longer any doubt where Israel should stand in this bloody conflict. The time has come for Ukraine to receive military aid as well, just as the USA and NATO countries provide

He triggers, the day after on Telegram, a strong reaction from Dmitry Medvedev, deputy chairman of Russian Federation Security Council, a hawk

Israel seems to be about to supply arms to the Kiev regime. A very reckless move. It will destroy all inter-State relations between our countries. To say nothing of the fact that the Bandera scum were Nazis and still are. Just look at the symbols of their modern lackeys. If you supply them with weapons, then it is time for Israel to declare Bandera and Shukhevych its national heroes

The Washington Post has broadcast on October 16, before Shai’s statement, the rumor about the near shipment of Iranian missiles to Russia. That intelligence assessment was allegedly a share between Ukraine and the US. The editorial line of the Post is staunchly pro-Ukraine and in this case, its sources were anonymous. An intelligence assessment should not leak in the press and I hope that as a member of the Israeli cabinet, Shai is supplied with more sound information.

Despite its own denial, Iran is clearly delivering some weapons to Russia, suicide drones Shahed 136 (Martyr), that the Russians are calling Geran-2 (Geranium). The Ukrainians are currently complaining about their efficiency, notably in strategic missions. The fact may be not a coincidence, the day after Shai’s statement, in the morning of October 17, the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) achieve an impressive demonstration against targets in Kiev, the Ukrainian capital

(Yasuyoshi Chiba / AFP)

Their Russian use on the Ukrainian battlefield is allowing Iran to fine-tune is drones technology, but Russia is not delivering its military one to Iran. Shai’s point seems crooked. I guess that members of the Israeli cabinet have come under heavy pressure from NATO and Ukraine, in the context of the Geran-2 onslaught and early stages of a Western collective project of contribution to the Ukrainian air defense.

According to prime minister Naftali Bennett, on April 14, 2022, Israel has successfully tested a new interception system, Iron Beam, which is using a laser, in order to shoot down mortar shells, rockets and drones. Its main argument is that each shot would only cost $3.50

(Screenshots from an official video)

No need to detail how tense are the relations between Iran and Israel. Medvedev’s view is based on History and remembrance. No landing in Italy (1943) nor France (1944) would have been possible if the Soviet Union had not confront 75% of the Nazi forces since 1941. The US suffered about 300,000 fatalities during WW2, when 27,000,000 Soviets lost their lives. The Red Army freed Auschwitz Vernichtungslager (extermination camp) on January 27, 1945

The subject is taboo in most Western media since the beginning of the Russian special military operation for liberation of Donbass, demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine, but even if Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian president since 2019, is Jewish, an obvious Nazi deep State is ruling since 2014 the issue of the Russian-speaking minority. Now popular and even official heroes in Ukraine, Stepan Bandera (1909-1959) and Roman Shukhevych (1907-1950) were Nazi war criminals. That is factual and the reason for the censorship in the West.

The same dispute is cutting across the Israeli society. 75-year-old Nachman Shai is a Sabra (born in Israel), member of the Labor Party, minister of Diaspora Affairs, therefore a representative of the left within the current coalition Bennett–Lapid government. On September 25, for Rosh Hashanah 5783, right-wing newspaper The Jerusalem Post has also written that Zelenskyy was No. 1 on its Top 50 Most Influential Jews of 2022. But others, religious influencers like rabbi Michael Finkel, are reminding that the national heroes of Ukraine are scum. Maybe not a coincidence, in the morning of October 17, surfaces on social networks a cruel cartoon, allegedly from Israel, which is introducing a disreputable Ukrainian nationalist character


The moral of the story is

what Europe supports must remain in Europe

Europe, the birthplace of Nazism


The answer


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