Daily pictures : the final moments of foreign mercenaries in Ukraine

On October 7, 2022, Russian reporter Daniil Bezsonov releases screenshots from a video which has been seized in the GoPro camera of an enemy fighter, who has been killed in action (KIA) in Zaporojie region, where the inhabitants have voted on September 27 for their independence from Ukraine and their return to the Russian Federation.

Several distinct characters appear in the pictures. Some were displaying foreign badges, US, German or Polish ones. Bezsonov reports that foreign mercenaries [or also special operations forces (SOF) from the West, possibly decommissioned in the context ?] were involved in this Ukrainian recce formation. During fighting, they were bearing the blue armband of the Ukrainian national guard, not the yellow one of the regular army

They have fallen into an ambush and suffered severe losses

Since early September, before the Russian partial mobilization, which should balance the forces, before winter and economic hardship undermine the European support, Ukraine is exploiting its numerical superiority and despite severe casualties, has already carried out two successful offensives, one in the north, around Kharkov, the second in Krasny Liman, Donbass. The next one may be in the south, where the Ukrainian forces have failed so far, especially in Zaporojie region, where the nuclear power plant (ZNPP) remains in Energodar a major strategic goal. The involvement of fighters from NATO countries is a reliable clue.

4 responses to “Daily pictures : the final moments of foreign mercenaries in Ukraine”

  1. They found what they wanted. They came to kill the Russians – they got what they deserved.

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    1. J’ai coutume de dire en Français que je combats l’injustice, que la vie est souvent faite aussi de choix et que chacun doit être en mesure d’en payer le prix. Je n’ai pas de compassion pour ces hommes, ni de respect pour des combattants au service d’un État profond nazi

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      1. Oui, vous avez raison, il n’y a pas de compassion pour ces gens.

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