Daily pictures : drone strike against French military advisers in Armenia

The on-board camera has recorded the destruction of the undercover military vehicle, the French nationality of the crew is information from Turkish intelligence

Supposed French, the two crew members of the undercover vehicle are watching the Bayraktar drone, moments before the strike (screenshot)

On May 13, 2023, a Twitter account usually powered by Turkish intelligence (MIT), shares a video from the onboard camera of a Bayraktar attack drone, shows the destruction of an undercover vehicle and the escape of its two crew members. The military function of the vehicle is obvious, the crew is handling significant equipment before the strike, including a large drone laid on ground.

According to the video editors, the strike occurred in Armenia, near Sokt (40°12’11.0″N 45°51’53.0″E), close to Azerbaijan, where the Bayraktar attack drone came from. The crew would be French soldiers, who were carrying out recce missions for the Armenian forces

French authorities have yet to comment on the incident.


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