Daily pictures : French Nazi militant Alan Vigneron was involved in Ukrainian war crimes

was carrying military equipment when he was arrested in Paris on April 22, 2023

An anonymous French volunteer takes a selfie in Ukraine (social networks)

Onboard a FlixBus from Lviv, western Ukraine, two French mercenaries reached Paris in the evening, on April 22, 2023. They were carrying optical aimers and magazines, military equipment which is prohibited in France. Arrested, they were sentenced on April 24 to six months in prison

Guillaume Andreoni on social networks

27-year-old Guillaume Andreoni and 25-year-old Alan Vigneron are both Nazi militants, whom intelligence was monitoring. Both enrolled in Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s international legion. Vigneron is a former serviceman, the army sacked him because he had suggested on social networks to kill immigrants by a good bullet in the neck

Alan Vigneron and Guillaume Andreoni on social networks

In Ukraine, he was bearing the historic chevron of the LVF, a French Nazi regiment during WW2. Philippe Pétain was leading the fascist French State, when the Legion des volontaires français contre le bolchevisme was formed in 1941 to fight Soviet Union on the east front. On his equipment, Vigneron has also scribbled 88 [HH], for Heil Hitler, SS [Schutzstaffel] and a Schwarze Sonne, a Nazi symbol and the legacy of Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler.

His actions are matching his ideology. On February 28, 2023, he posted on Telegram the photos of corpses, three Russian prisoners who had each been shot in the head

I have blurred the wounds of that victim

His account was named Vivi Edelweiss, his bio was Mon honneur s’appelle fidélité. The German translation is Meine Ehre heißt Treue, the motto of the SS during WW2

He commented the photos

Bonjour à tous le monde, je me présente votre fidèle Vivi à votre service pour vous rappeler que je suis toujours vivant et heureux de partager mon expérience sur l’éradication des Bolchevique et communistes de notre belle Europe
Slava Ukrayini slava heroyu
Slava Nazis

[Hello everyone, I introduce myself, your loyal Vivi, at your service to remind you that I am still alive and happy to share my experience on eradication of Bolsheviks and communists from our beautiful Europe
Slava Ukrayini slava heroyu
Slava Nazis]

In theory, war crimes committed abroad by French nationals are punishable under French law.


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  1. These Nazis really think that they’re fighting Bolshevism?! They’re just as stupid as they’re evil!

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  2. […] French Nazi militant Alan Vigneron was involved in Ukrainian war crimes […]

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