Daily pictures : pretty Devushka

Western hysteria after the humiliating Pentagon leaks

After the funny leak of classified documents from the Pentagon, the Wall Street Journal has reported Sarah Bils on April 16, 2023. The 37-year-old woman is a former non commissioned officer (NCO) within the Navy, now civilian in Washington state and one host, among others, of top notch English-speaking Donbass Devushka [young woman], an anti-imperialist channel on Telegram, which like other ones, had shared some of the leaked documents.

No surprise from a newspaper which is spreading the coarsest Ukrainian propaganda and Atlanticist narrative, like most Western media. Journalists have become valets. Some are playing intelligence officers or cops, but their performance is mediocre, as poorly reliable as security within US intelligence community, in what Guy Debord called la Société du spectacle.

Moreover, she is pretty. That makes angry the nerds within NAFO (North Atlantic Fellas Organization, a bunch of Atlanticist pubescent keyboard warriors), Bellingcat and others, who have started doxing her.

As a European, I hope a bit cultured, I suppose that witch hunt may be a national sport in the US. McCarthyism was a pathetic illustration, not very different from the Salem witch trials, three centuries before.

I understand that the leak may be a humiliating event, but please, guys, calm down. I hold copies of the leaked documents, here is one, but Donbass Devushka was not my source

You are right, Dear Sarah, NATO defeat is unescapable in Ukraine and Donbass will be free. What is written here is ascertaining it. The West is no match.


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