[Sharing] Quest for a Spring Offensive — Flammeus Gladius

Zelensky’s spring offensive is foretold.
It must succeed — and will, if we define
success in proper terms. You fall in line
and Hohol lead will shine as bright as gold.
In battle, the Ukrainians are bold.
In propaganda, though, it’s their design
to be victorious. Their every whine
will be a roar of triumph. You’ll be sold
on every boast Volodymyr exhales–
no matter, folks, what happens on the ground.
From Kyiv you’ll hear heroic ghostly tales.
If doubts arrive, hey, please don’t make a sound!
Every day, Hohol knights find Holy Grails
that skepticism said could not be found.

–Tom Riley

Quest for a Spring Offensive — Flammeus Gladius

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