Daily pictures : PHYLLOXERA!

screams Captain Haddock, who like Hercule Poirot, is actually Belgian

The Spectator is a weekly British magazine, conservative, however, QUEL TALENT!

Nicolas Sarkozy best tells the current president : Emmanuel Macron is me, only better.

Today is the outcome of about 20 years. Rightist, reactionary and demagogic, Sarkozy was in 2003 a kind of super interior minister, became president in 2007, the first one in a series of NATO governors. The regime, the Fifth Republic, was founded by Charles de Gaulle, for Charles de Gaulle, at the end of the Algerian war. But in the current context, de Gaulle would hold a referendum and resign in case of defeat, while Macron believes that he can rule against the people.



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