Daily pictures : the Ukrainian army is slaughtering the deserters

the Ukrainian propaganda broadcasts images of killing, in order to deter forced conscripts from surrender

(Enhanced screenshots)

A tragic video surfaces on March 11, 2023. Four individuals are moving away from the vantage point, one is bearing a white flag. A machine gun starts to fire. The fugitives run but fall one after the other.

I have downloaded the file, which has been created at 2023-03-11T13:27:23.000000Z, 1:27 pm UT or 3:27 pm in Ukraine, the date of its post on a Telegram channel.

The Ukrainian comment means

Daughter The beginning of March 2023. The mobilized juveniles decided to surrender to the Katsapas [Russians, derogatory]. It didn’t fart, it didn’t grow

News of ZSU [Armed Forces of Ukraine] was created on November 16, 2020, gathers 4,799 subscribers

Profile picture

Every observer knows that the war in Donbass and Ukraine, especially around Bakhmut, is a carnage for the Atlanticist forces. On November 30, 2022, the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, conceded publicly that the Ukrainian military fatalities were above 100,000. According to a Russian mathematical model, the toll is currently above 175,000. Ukraine needs more cannon fodder and the military police is chasing the refractories across the country. I guess some recruits were volunteer in March 2022, but the most are likely dead, now. The scenes of forced mobilization are widespread

Screenshots from Cherkasy on January 25, 2023

That is why mobilized juveniles decided to surrender.


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  1. There is a systematic extermination of the local population in Ukraine. Anglo-Saxons need territory, not population

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