Daily pictures : a European scandal

(Belgian federal police)

1.5 million euros, that is 30,000 50 banknotes. From her pretrial jail in Belgium, four days after her arrest in a corruption case, the 44-year-old Greek social democratic vice president of the European Parliament, Eva Kaili, declares on December 13, via her lawyer, that she would not have been aware of that money, 150,000 euros in her own apartment in Brussels, that her husband should be questioned. He will. Also jailed, Francesco Giorgi is parliamentary assistant of Marie Arena, a 55-year-old Belgian socialist member of the European Parliament

Eva Kaili (European Parliament)

Within the Greek social democratic party PASOK, in home politics matters, Kaila is regarded as a rightist. In 2019, she opposed to a welfare scheme for poor families.

Benefits are for lazy people

she said.

During a press conference on December 14, the president of the European Commission refuses to answer questions about that case of corruption within the European Parliament. Ursula von der Leyen is member of the German Christian democratic party. She is widely known for her incompetence, her corruption and her refusal to answer questions

Ursula von der Leyen is the 7th from left in this archive picture

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  1. […] la terre entière. Ni la probité, les institutions européennes sont éclaboussées par un scandale de corruption et la vice-présidente grecque du parlement, Eva Kaili, certes élue, est aujourd’hui […]

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