Flash : anniversary of Petliura case

the omens of the Ukrainian Nazism

Samuel Schwarzbard (left) is a French-Russian citizen, an injured and decorated fighter within French ranks during WW1, a communist militant, a revolutionary in Petrograd in 1917, a Bolshevik fighter in Ukraine against nationalist and White forces, a watchmaker and a poet. Back in Paris, he manages on May 25, 1926, to shoot dead Symon Petliura (right), the former head of the former Ukrainian People’s Republic (UNR).

The UNR was declared in June 1917, amid Russian revolution, will have been defeated in 1922, when the Bolsheviks will have created the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. During that war in Ukraine, the nationalists will have slaughtered between 50,000 and 250,000 Jewish civilians.

Twelve members of Schwarzbard’s family have been assassinated. The French court will acquit him, because he will have avenged the victims.

In Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, literacy will be a major ambition. Dozens new universities will be founded, in order to train new teachers. But the program will not cover western Ukraine, Polish territory until 1939. The next generation of Ukrainian nationalists will be a nebula of Nazi collaborator organizations.

in Nazism in Ukraine

its roots before WW2, its collaboration with Nazi Germany, its legacy in modern Ukraine, how NATO has continually supported Nazism in Ukraine


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